Farrah Abraham: Why Did She Dump That Loser Boyfriend?

Farrah Abraham is officially in the market for someone else to try out her new vagina.

We’re not trying to be crass here.

We’re just stating a fact:

Farrah Abraham has a new vagina and she no longer has a man who will be doing anything with it; not after she broke up with Daniel Ishag after a brief but memorable few-week fling.

Indeed, the end of this romance has now been confirmed by someone very close to the situation: 

Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen.

The woman who made occasional appearances back in the day on Teen Mom OG spoke to The Sun this week and clarified her daughter’s relationship status.

“It is not a relevant relationship anymore,” Danielsen told this publication, blaming the break-up on Ishag’s behavior:

“It was too much about him. He was immature. She ended it perfectly. Block and delete!”

One could, of course, cite the irony in stating that someone is immature — and then also stating that the person who broke up with this someone executed a “perfect” split by blocking and deleting him.

We could maybe think of more mature ways to end a romance.

Abraham and Ishag appeared to go public about a month ago after the former shared multiple pictures of herself and the latter on vacation.’

A few days later, however, Farrah acted all innocent when asked about her alleged lover, telling a TMZ cameraman:

“I just have friends. We’re hanging out. Ya know, living my best life. I’m living my best life, that is all I’m gonna say about it.”

Profound stuff as always from the former amateur porn star.

For her part, Danielson made it sound in early February as if Abraham and Ishag were totally an item.

“I’m hoping I get to meet him soon and I could have an opportunity to find out what he’s all about,” she said at the time, adding of her daughter:

“I trust her judgment. I’m really excited to meet this person. She deserves to be happy. I’m hoping for good things.”

Alas, despite Daniel meeting Farrah’s 10-year old child, Sophia, very little came out of this dalliance.

Where does Abraham go from here? We can’t say for certain.

She famously lost Sophia’s father, Derek, to a car accident in 2008 and actually hasn’t dated a whole lot since, at least not in the public eye.

Abraham has continued to exploited that death in ways that make many fans angry and nauseous, but that’s a different story.

We wish her the best of luck on her romantic journey.

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