Frankie Muniz Weds Longtime Girlfriend Paige Price: 'Every Single Moment … Was Perfect'

The “Malcolm in the Middle” star and his bride touted their 2018 engagement via social media, but have been surprisingly coy about being married — but the evidence is there!

Four years exactly after the day they met, former "Malcolm in the Middle" star Frankie Muniz has wed his longtime girlfriend Paige Price in a private, and apparently very quiet ceremony.

The couple enjoyed their wedding ceremony on Friday, February 21, per People, and appear to have intentionally kept low-key about it, with neither posting about it on their social media accounts, though both remain active there.

The closest we got was Frankie posting thanks to the Arizona Coyotes for hosting him and his extended family. "It was the perfect way to cap off the best weekend of my life!" he wrote four days ago … and now we know what made it the "best weekend." Paige, meanwhile, has changed her last name to Muniz on IG.

So confirmation without public celebration? Perhaps they’re simply enjoying a much-deserved honeymoon!

Oh, and the "Dancing with the Stars" runner-up did tease the event in advance with a tweet last week about getting his eyebrows plucked before his big day. He was willing to confirm to People after the fact, so maybe they were just waiting for someone to ask.

"Every single moment of February 21 was perfect," Frankie told the outlet of the big day. "From the moment of waking up together and jumping on the bed hyping each other up, to helping our wedding planner with setting things up at the venue, all the way to walking down the aisle with my best friend hand in hand with our closest friends and family in attendance. Everything was just so us."

Doubling down on his Instagram comment, Frankie continued, "I always thought it was such a cliche for people to claim their wedding day as the best day of their life, like maybe it was something they had to say. No, my wedding day was literally the best day of my life!"

Interestingly, both of the newlyweds touted their engagement on their Instagram pages back in November 2018. Frankie wrote that Paige makes his life "instantly better" in the Thanksgiving post, while she shared an image of the two kissing, with the words, "I love every piece of you, and I appreciate you more and more every single day. I truly cannot wait to be your wife."

That same year they went into business together as co-owners of Outrageous Oil & Vinegars in Scottsdale, Arizona. They’d decided to purchase the store when it came up for sale simply because they were already customers and enjoyed shopping there.

In lieu of new posts to celebrate their nuptials, you can enjoy their sweet engagement posts instead:

So thankful this Thanksgiving for my FIANCEE! Yep, @pogprice said yes! She makes my life instantly better! We’re eating our Thanksgiving dinner at Boston Market, but I wouldn’t want it any other way, as long as i have her by my side! #sheismyrock

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When you’re a little girl, you dream of marrying the man of your dreams. You think of all these extravagant things from the way he asks you, to the dress you’re going to wear, to the music you’re going to dance to with your father. Sometimes, reality has a tendency to overstep your dreams and really surprise you. Francisco Muniz IV, you’re more than a dream to me. You teach me every day, you compliment me when I’m at my worst, and you push me past the edge but you’re there to pick me up when I start showing signs of falling. I love every piece of you, and I appreciate you more and more every single day. I truly cannot wait to be your wife ♥️ P.S. You’re officially the master of proposals. 143. P.P.S. I ugly cried so hard that I can’t even post the pictures so… there’s that..

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