Gage Edward Files Lawsuit Against Ex Jeff Lewis, Flipping Out Star Reacts

Edward reportedly wants the former couple’s daughter’s last name changed.

Jeff Lewis’ ex-partner, Gage Edward, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the "Flipping Out" star requesting legal support, equal shared custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Monroe, and a request to change her legal name from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis.

According to PEOPLE, Lewis announced the news on Wednesday’s episode of his SiriusXM radio show, "Jeff Lewis Live," claiming his boyfriend of 10 years had served him with the court documents.

"[Gage and his lawyer] did file a request for order, which means that we now have a hearing date," he told his listeners. "And they put in all their requests, like ‘I want 50 percent’ and ‘I want child support’ and all that." Lewis also claimed this is the first time in the former couple’s contentious custody battle that Edward has mentioned adding his surname to their daughter’s, a request Jeff called "crazy" because Edward is not Gage’s legal last name, rather his middle name. Gage has used Edward as his last name professionally since before he met Jeff.

After being prompted by a guest question, Lewis told his listeners that Monroe "does know her full name. She’d have to relearn it."

For his part, Edward told PEOPLE he "cannot comment on pending litigation." TooFab has contacted reps for both parties.

This reported lawsuit comes just one month after Lewis said on his radio show that he had received a cease and desist letter from Edward’s attorneys for discussing details of their guardianship of Monroe on the air.

"I never signed a confidentiality agreement," Jeff said in response to the purported letter. "There’s no deal points going back and forth. These are just conversations Gage and I are having. I feel like I’m paid to talk about my life. I’m paid to do that."

"When Gage met me, I was on a reality show, and I was paid to film my life," he continued. "He participated in that for seven years and was paid to share his life. We went into the radio together; he was paid to share our lives on the radio. Now, that doesn’t suit him, so he wants that to stop. Well, he’s already a public person."

Jeff also denied Gage’s allegations that he was talking about their custody ordeal for "attention" and said Edward should stop sharing pictures of Monroe on Instagram if he wants to retain privacy.

The former couple split in early 2019 after having spent a decade together. Edward moved into a new apartment, while Lewis stayed in the family home.

They initially had an informal shared custody arrangement that they coordinated outside of court, but according to Lewis, their communication began to deteriorate, so they involved their lawyers.

A formal custody arrangement was reportedly put on the table, but Jeff said he didn’t agree to the terms and wanted to let a judge take over the proposals.

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