Gemma Chan wore Miss Sohee to The Eternals Rome premiere: stunning?

These are photos from the Roman photocall and premiere of The Eternals. I devoted one post to just Angelina Jolie, but the other photos are worth discussing too! Especially Gemma Chan, since Chan is basically the lead of the film and Angelina is more of a supporting cast member. I have to say, the combination of Gemma and Angelina’s dual perfection is driving me crazy. How can both of these women star in the same movie? WITH Salma Hayek? And don’t forget about Richard Madden and Kit Harington, both of whom are pretty f–king good-looking too.

For the premiere, Gemma wore this two-piece Miss Sohee gown, with what I’m assuming is some kind of hair-wrap/headpiece from the same designer. It’s more conservative than I was expecting from Gemma, but she’s been killing it sartorially on this promotional tour. I love the photo of Gemma and Angelina looking at each other’s dresses too.

For the photocall, Gemma wore Magda Butrym Fall-Winter 2021 – a sculptural pink minidress. She looked cute! So did everyone else.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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