Harry Potters first love Cho Chang actress is unrecognisable 16 years on

Harry Potter actress Katie Liu Leung, who played Cho Chang, is completely unrecognisable 16 years on and still acting to this day.

If you are unfamiliar with the franchise, Cho Chang was Harry Potter's first love interest in the movies.

She was cast in the part after her dad spotted an advertisement for a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire casting call. He convinced her to try it out with Katie waiting four hours in line for a five-minute audition.

Despite coming away from the audition not expecting anything her patience was rewarded when she discovered she had beaten 3,000 other actresses to the part.

With hindsight, she told the Daily Record that she believed her Scottish accent probably gave her an advantage in the casting, as the casting director asked the girls who attended the audition, "Is there anyone here from Scotland?", to which only Leung raised her hand.

In a 2011 interview, Katie told the publication how her fondest memory of the Harry Potter experience was indeed the first audition. That was because both her parents, who were separated at the time, went with her.

"It was a really nice moment because my parents hadn't seen each other for a long, long time," Katie said.

After she finished filming, Katie took a special interest in the arts and returned to Scotland to gain a degree in photography from the Edinburgh College of Arts.

Katie also has studied painting and design at the University of the Arts London, and has a degree in theatre from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

As well as Harry Potter her next biggest role came in Netflix's animated series Arcane, where she voices Caitlyn. She also has credits in Annika, The Foreigner and The Peripheral.

But as a multi-talented person, Katie has even dipped into the publishing industry, writing an essay titled Getting into Character, all about how her Cantonese descent and ethnicity has affected her experiences growing up and her acting career.

Getting into Character was published last year in the book East Side Voices: Essays Celebrating East & Southeast Asian Identity in Britain.

Katie annouced the news on her Instagram page, Her caption read: "HAPPY PUBLICATION (YESTER)DAY I’ve got an essay in this book alongside legends LEGENDS I tell you.

"Oh and I can’t thank @hels_lee enough for encouraging me to be brave so I could share a wee bit of me: my memories, my thoughts, my shame, my fears, oh and my granny god I miss my granny tons.

"Anyway I’m so jammy to be a part of this collection and community Buy the book aye cool thanks."

Fans flooded to her comments to leave messages of support, with one Instagram user writing: "I’ve just finished reading your essay and wanted to say thank you for being brave and sharing your story! The conflict between cultures is REAL."

Another said: "Congratulations on your essay and publication!" And a third wrote: "I loved your essay. It was gutsy and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing."

Others commented: "can’t wait to read it!", and "Congratulations and well done @_katieleung_ Im glad there's finally more stories out about British born east asian identities which we can relate and identify with."

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