Harry Styles Reveals What Actually Happened When He Was Robbed at Knifepoint (Video)

Harry Styles is opening up in detail about what actually happened when he was robbed at knifepoint in London.

The incident happened on Valentine’s Day and the 26-year-old singer described it in extensive detail during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

“I’m about five minutes from home. I’m walking up and I see this group of guys and they’ve all got like hoods up and their faces covered…I turn my music off…and I’m walking up the street and I keep kind of turning around and the guys crossed the road. And I’m like, ‘That’s weird,’” Harry said.

He continued, “I hear shuffling of feet trying to catch up to me, so I crossed the street and then they crossed the street, and I’m like, ‘Oh f–k sake.’ Then I crossed the street again and they crossed the street again and then they crossed the street again. And I’m like, ‘Oh for fuck sake, I think I’m about to get robbed.’”

Harry said that the group of guys first approached him and asked if he smokes weed, and then they started demanding his belongings. But, then, they wanted his phone too.

“I pull out my phone and I’m thinking, ‘OK, this is really annoying but I’ll wipe it and get a new phone,’” Harry said. “And then the guy’s like, ‘Unlock your phone,’ and the other one pulls his shirt up and he’s got a knife sticking in his pants.”

“I just said, ‘I’m sorry mate, I can’t. I can’t unlock my phone.’ And the guy’s like, ‘You got 10 seconds,’ and he starts counting them down and I’m like, ‘F–k, am I going to unlock my phone? Am I going to give him my phone?’” Harry continued. He almost was going to throw the phone into a pond behind him, but he didn’t want to piss the men off.

Finally, Harry saw two cars approaching and used the opportunity to run.

“I ran into the road and tried to stop a car. Obviously if a mad man runs into the road and tries to get in your car you’re not gonna let them in, so they don’t let me in,” he said. He was able to keep running home though. “I guess because they had cash, they ended up turning around.”

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