Harvey Weinstein To Stay in Bellevue Hospital Until Sentencing

Harvey Weinstein isn’t leaving Bellevue Hospital, Variety is reporting.

The 67-year-old disgraced producer was admitted to the hospital shortly after he was found guilty on charges of third-degree rape and sexual assault in New York City earlier this month.

A spokesperson for Weinstein confirmed that he is still under care at Bellevue Hospital, and says he is “likely there til sentencing on March 11.”

Arthur Aidala, one of Harvey’s attorneys added that “the treating doctors think that’s where he should be — it’s that simple.”

“It’s no secret he was under several doctors’ care over the course of the last couple of months,” he added. “The doctors at Bellevue, up until today, at least, have determined that he’s not ready to go to a non-medical facility. It’s totally up to the medical team to make that determination. Obviously, nobody wants anything to happen to Mr. Weinstein because of his health.”

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