Hollywood reacts to Donald Trump's second impeachment trial

Read what the stars had to say on social media about former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, which was held in the Senate in February 2021… starting with this late night host. “I may have shouted fire in a crowded theater, but the people trampling each other were acting on their own!” –Jimmy Kimmel

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“Everyone keeps asking me about the impeachment and insurrectionists and all I want to do is talk about the #RHOSLC reunion….” –Meghan McCain

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“In defense of the indefensible.” –Dan Rather

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“When he leaves the safe surround of #MarALago #POTUS45 must tell Americans what exactly he hoped to accomplish with the January 6th rally. When he sent the fired up 1000’s to march on Capitol to #StopTheSteal what did Trump expect them to do when they got there? Act out Les Miz? … Isn’t that the key question? What did President Trump want that angry crowd to do when they got to the Capitol?” –Geraldo Rivera

“They act like the word ‘fight’ is always about violence. I’m fighting these carb cravings right now so I can wear my favorite pair of jeans again…and no one died. #ContextIsEverything” –Yvette Nicole Brown

“Congress should be focused on their terrible immigration policy – instead of their political grandstanding.” –Dean Cain

“More than a few GOP Senators acting as jurists in this trial knowingly promoted & profited from the Big Lie (Hawley, Cruz, etc.) Yet even when explicitly given the chance to hold Trump accountable for their own misdeeds, they can’t because they’re so terrified of his supporters. … It’s the unthinkable cowardice of having your workplace attacked, hiding under a desk in your office for hours & then refusing to convict the person who incited it because you don’t want his supporters to kill you. Doing all this under the guise of ‘defending the Constitution.'” –Padma Lakshmi

“this delusional liar – WE SAW HIM DO IT U S*** – #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump” –Rosie O’Donnell, responding to one of former President Trump’s attorneys on TV during the impeachment trial

“Exactly” —Julia Louis-Dreyfus, responding to a tweet from Senator Chris Coons that read, “I have a hard time understanding how anyone could watch what we have seen these last two days and not vote to convict President Trump”

“After watching evidence presented by the impeachment managers today, I have one question for Senate Republicans, do you stand for anything? Clearly not democracy or the Constitution, with few exceptions. How about the police who saved your lives? #GOPCowards #ImpeachAndConvict” –Chaz Bono

“Do you think the viewership ratings of the impeachment trial will be significantly higher over the next couple of days? If so, why?” –Kristy Swanson

“120 former Republican officials are talking about forming a new ‘center right’ party that’s not the GOP. Or…fellas, maybe try getting current Republicans to convict Donnie & take back your party? It can be like the old days, when it was just merely horrible!” –Bette Midler

“In terms of accountability – Charles Manson wasn’t present at the murders – but he manipulated, incited, galvanized his followers. Manson was guilty” –Mia Farrow

“Where can I apply to be an IMPEACHMENT MANAGER … One more question – does the Impeachment Manager get a song?” –Billy Eichner

“I couldn’t agree more @RepKatiePorter. Not doing so sends a message of go ahead, do what he did nothing will happen to you…” –Maria Shriver, replying to Rep. Katie Porter’s tweet that read, “This impeachment trial is about accountability. A violent mob, incited by the former president, attacked the Capitol and law enforcement to overturn a free and fair election. If we don’t hold him accountable, future leaders are emboldened to do the same.”

“The House managers in the impeachment trial delivered one to the most comprehensive, competent, clarifying and compelling cases I have ever seen in the U.S Congress.” –Dan Rather

“I don’t claim to know what @LindseyGrahamSC is hiding or what someone ‘has on him,’ but my guess is that it’s ironically the one thing about him that’s remotely humanistic.” –Richard Marx

“If Trump’s not convicted, he and OJ will compare cases over 18 holes the next morning and have a few laughs.” –Jeffrey Wright

“Trump has been seeding violence since 2016. He has also been making false claims about elections just as long. This is why a conviction is required. If there is no accountability, they’ll never stop. ‘Trump Warns Sups Could Riot if He Doesn’t Get GOP Nom'” –Sophia Bush

“Is ‘epidemiological pyromaniac’ an impeachable offense? Asking for a friend…” —Alec Baldwin

“So part two of the Trump impeachment defense case is: there WAS no insurrection … just Trump’s usual love of law and order…” –Joy Reid

“More reports are coming in saying that former President Donald Trump has still not expressed any remorse for the siege at the US Capitol.” –Katie Couric

“Trump’s lawyers have conclusively proved that the word ‘fight’ is a word in the English language.” –Rob Reiner

“If you can’t convict Trump for inciting a violent insurrection then you have nobody to blame but yourselves for what will come.” –Billy Baldwin

“I’m fully expecting @StaceyPlaskett to show-up today, with the Lasso of Truth attached to her belt.” –Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

“Ok I’m listening. How is Trump not guilty of an ongoing campaign to incite that culminated in a deadly attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6th? GOP is gonna vote him not guilty because they spread and abetted his ‘big lie.’ But someone, please explain how he is actually not guilty.” –Jason Alexander

“CORRUPT. Just IMAGINE if Obama was being impeached and Democratic Senators met with the defense team in the middle of the trial? THINK ABOUT THAT. THEY MUST BE STRIPPED OF THEIR VOTE.” –Debra Messing, in response to the news that three GOP senators — Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz — met with former President Trump’s lawyers on the eve of his impeachment defense presentation

“I just hope this impeachment trial gets to the bottom of who riled up that violent mob waving all those Trump flags. What a mystery!” –Patton Oswalt


“Where are #RealRepublicans going to go? #DonaldJTrump, the #GorillaGlue of politics, has coated their party in #sleaze. It’s all over them and now they are stuck in it.” –Bette Midler

“Trump must be held accountable for every day in office, beginning to end. His lawyers cannot create a ‘January exception’ to the Constitution. It’s unthinkable that the Founding Fathers left us defenseless against misuse of power, violation of his Oath, and inciting insurrection. … Let us not forget—1.6.21 was not only an attack on our Country, our elections and institutions, but an assassination attempt on our elected leaders. The path to unity flows through accountability. The path to healing begins with justice. #ConvictAndDisqualify” –Alyssa Milano

“The senate jurors who met with the defendant should be disqualified.” –George Takei

“#DonaldTrump KILLED people at the Insurrection. If he had put a gun to their heads, he could not have done a more efficient job. And two policemen killed themselves from shame. Have you no hearts, #Republicans? Never, ever again say “#BlueLivesMatter.” You’re f****** liars.” –Bette Midler

“Every Republican in that Senate chamber knows Donald Trump is guilty. The only way to stem the rise of fascism in America is for those Republicans to stop pretending to be brain dead and do what they know is right.” –Rob Reiner

“The next Trumps will be lining up in droves knowing the precedent is set – if you got the gop propaganda machines blessing – you can lord as a gangster over the us people  – There is no law” —John Cusack

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