Jacqueline Jossa says she’s prepared to shave her head for acting role

Jacqueline Jossa has revealed she would happily shave her hair for an acting role if it was required.

The former EastEnders star, who won I'm a Celebrity last year, showed just how dedicated she would be to transforming her look for a film role.

She's recently been experimenting with wigs, and during a shoot for her InTheStyle range, donned a much shorter hair do.

Her hairstylist helped her trick fans into thinking she'd had the chop, posting a photo of hair on the floor with the caption "hair today gone tomorrow".

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Jacqueline, 27, told OK! : “I think it's fun to play with the wigs.

“If I had to for a role or something, if they asked me to shave my head for a role I would shave my head.”

But she was hasty to add she wasn't planning on getting a bob any time soon, though she revealed her fans have been begging her to.

Her InTheStyle collection sold out in six minutes on Thursday, which broke records for the fashion brand after they were rumoured to have enlisted the help of Jac for a six-figure sum.

Left feeling exhausted, the jungle queen filmed a piece to camera from her bed as she mulled over balancing her mummy duties with her newly rejuvenated career in the limelight.

She said: "I am working a lot more. The collection went really well."

But with working a lot more, Jacqueline confessed she was tired and it is "super-hard being a working mum".

The mother of two is determined to spend "as much time with the kids" – Ella and Mia – even while she's on the lookout for more work.

"I do have something cool coming up as well I can take you on the journey with," she mused.

"But I must take it easy and must take as much time with kids; it's all about balance.

"It's super-hard being a working mum, it's not part time."

Jacqueline looked ultra glamorous at the InTheStyle bash celebrating her collection but she didn't touch a drop of booze as she wanted to rush home to her kids.

She also recently furiously denied she had a row with her husband Dan Osborne at the launch party.

Jac's rep said reports of an argument are "completely and utterly false".

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