Jake Paul Says Boxing Stars Amanda Serrano, Katie Taylor Earning 7-Figures To Fight

Jake Paul flipped men’s boxing on it’s head … and now he’s doing the same for the women, telling TMZ Sports stars Amanda Serrano AND Katie Taylor will both make OVER $1 MILLION when they fight next month, and the Problem Child believes it could be the “biggest fight of the year,” man or woman.

“The history that this is making. First time women have ever headlined Madison Square Garden, which is massive, and two of the pound-for-pound best going at it, this is what boxing needs more of. I am counting down the days,” Jake told us.

Serrano — who fights for Jake’s Most Valuable Promotions — is 42-1-1. Taylor is 20-0. The women, along with Claressa Shields, are considered the three best active female boxers alive.

Typically, women’s boxing hasn’t received anywhere near the interest the men have … but that’s something Jake sees changing.

“I think it will shine a light that women boxing is just as good as men boxing. I think that’s been a stigma for so long. ‘Oh we don’t wanna see that, we don’t wanna see it. It’s not as fun.’ No! These women are awesome, they’re legit, they are savages and you’re gonna see a war April 30, and I think this is gonna open up a lot of doors for women’s boxing in general.”

It’s not just eyeballs and media attention that are sometimes lacking when it comes to women’s boxing … there’s also a pay disparity. But, Paul says Amanda and Katie are gettin’ PAAIIIID.

“They’re both getting 7-figure payday which is unprecedented and will knock down so many doors for the women that deserve this pay over the next couple of years. This is just historic for the sport in general.”

And, JP’s prediction for the scrap?

“Amanda Serrano is under Most Valuable Promotions where we’re rooting for her big time but this is gonna be a tough fight. It could really go either way, I just think Amanda has a little bit of that edge.”

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