James Van Der Beek loves his crying meme

James Van Der Beek has only warm and fuzzy feelings for his famous “Dawson’s Creek” crying meme.

“I don’t really hate it,” the actor told Page Six at the opening of “Girl From The North Country” on Thursday night. “As an actor you travel and you do some roles and you put yourself into it and you try to be as sincere as possible and you never know what’s going to stick.

“So I think when anything sticks it’s a compliment and I think it’s used so hilariously. It’s used to mock people, it’s used for weird ’90s quirks. I get a kick out of it actually when I see it.”

The meme, in which Van Der Beek’s face is crumpled in anguish during a scene from his hit ’90s-early 2000s teen drama, is an internet staple and has been used in a myriad of ways.

Van Der Beek, 42, can be seen next month in Washington D.C in a production of “Bye Bye Birdie” opposite Harvey Fierstein at the Kennedy Center.

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