Jason Derulo Freaks People Out for Shaving His Eyebrow Completely Off in Instagram Video

The ‘Whatcha Say’ hitmaker shocks his fans as he films himself boldly shaving one of his eyebrows after losing a wager with his pal in a friendly basketball game.

AceShowbiz -There’s something peculiar with Jason Derulo‘s looks now. The 30-year-old singer/dancer, who is known for having iconic full brows, has just revealed a major transformation after shaving one of his eyebrows completely off amid the coronavirus lockdown.

On Wednesday, April 22, the Florida-born star posted on his Instagram page a video of him announcing a basketball challenge between him and his pal from his home in Southern California’s San Fernando. There’s a stake involved, with Jason holding up an electric razor.

The two men were later seen taking turns throwing shots in the video set to the song “2 Seater” by YBN Nahmir featuring G-Eazy and Offset. In the end, Jason lost to his friend who scored more basketball shots in a row than him.

Looking frustrated, Jason picked up the electric razor as his friend teased him from behind. He then boldly shaved one of his eyebrows entirely off. Showing the result to the camera, he appeared to be shocked at his own reflection. “Had to shave my eyebrow for a bet,” he captioned the clip.

Jason’s new looks also surprised his fans and followers, who reacted to the video with comments like “Oh nooo” and “Noooooooooooo not our famous eyebrows.” Some others found it amusing, with one writing, “LMAOOOOOO.”

Hours later, the R&B and hip-hop star shared new shirtless selfies. In the images, he took a close inspection of his now-completely-gone eyebrow as he stood in front of the mirror. “How long this $h!t gon’ take to grow back,” he mused in the caption.

Responding to his question, one shared the harsh truth as writing, “Months.” Another quipped, “They def won’t grow back in 2 hours,” while someone else joked, “Welp looks like no more tours until they grow back.”

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