Jason Manford hits back after hes branded a thick northerner in Universal Credit row

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Jason Manford, 40, has taken to Twitter to voice his opinion on Universal Credit, receiving some public criticism. Jason, in anger, has reacted to a comment calling him a “thick northerner.”

Another big brave boy on Twitter.

Jason Manford

James tweeted yesterday to his 390,900 followers: “The maddest thing about the reduction in Universal Credit is it doesn’t even make sense on an economic level!

“That £20 gets spent in shops, cafes, playcentres, online & in high streets THAT WEEK!

He added: “It doesn’t get squirrelled away & saved offshore or in high interest pension account.”

After sending his tweet, James has so far received over 450 comments.

User Dp1980avfc1 said: “What part of temporary don’t people understand.

“I know that you’re a thick northerner like Gary Neville but surely you can use your dictionary.”

Jason replied today: “Another big brave boy on Twitter.”

After the user saw Jason’s tweet about him, they decided to threaten the comedian.

They said: “Aren’t you also trying to mock me on Twitter?

“So I could say the same about you trying to laugh in my face.

The user then said: “Name a time and place if you like.”

Jason reacted and said: “Cool, let’s have a fight then.

“Check my website for venue details and more than happy to put my point across in person.


Jason’s followers joined the conversation, sticking up for the comedian.

Chinnarrr said: “Could you imagine if he turns up tho and he is actually a dog.”(sic)

JimboJones1237 added: “They guy doesn’t realise he’s done a good job of mocking himself.”

lve_3_sons commented: “Some don’t realise they’re just giving you material to make us onlookers laugh.

Jason is a well-known comedian as well as being a singer, television presenter, radio presenter and actor.

He has starred in numerous stage musicals in the West End including Sweeney Todd, Guys and Dolls and Curtains.

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