Jessa Duggar Shuts Down Troll Accusing Her Husband of Refusing to Look After Their Kids

The star of TLC’s ‘Counting On’ claps back at a hater calling Ben Seewald a ‘Neanderthal’ for allegedly not letting her go shopping without looking after their children.

AceShowbizJessa Duggar is standing up for her husband. The cast member of TLC’s “Counting On” has shut down one online troll who accused Ben Seewald of refusing to look after their children while she did a little shopping with her sisters.

The banter between the 27-year-old and an Instagram user began after she uploaded photos of her shopping trip at Target with her sisters, including Jinger Dugger. Using the post as a chance to criticize, the hater commented, “Exactly the men act like neanderthals that it is only the women that should look after the children. They could have let the sisters have some time to socialize and go shopping without looking after the children.”

A troll called Jessa Duggar’s husband a ‘neanderthal.’

Refusing to let stranger pass judgment on her man, the fifth child of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Ruark hit back with a statement of her own. “You know, I’ve been thinking the same thing,” she sarcastically replied. “Only Neanderthal men would refuse to breastfeed their infants so their wives can spend the entire day out dining and shopping.”

The TV personality clapped back to the hater.

Jessa’s clapback was quick to gain supports from others. One applauded her by writing, “yay! Give it right back! These people think they know your lives and know nothing! Love you ladies so much! So fun that the sisters got together for some fun shopping!” Another deemed her reply “best response ever.” A third user addressed the troll directly, “I think you have not watched the Duggar’s, these men are Fathers that are invested in their children’s lives, they treat their wives as treasures.”

Jessa is no stranger to online haters. The TV personality has often found herself being mom-shamed for her parenting skills among others. Back in April 2019, however, she came up with a brilliant way to combat the uninvited parenting police.

When posting photos of her two sons exploring the bed of a truck barefooted, the “Growing Up Duggar” co-author wrote, “Yes, we’re barefoot, and we kept away from the roll of barbed wire, and he didn’t get to keep the prized nail that he found. There. Beat ya to it.” She added, “Hope y’all have lovely weather too, and that you get an opportunity to go outside today and enjoy it!”

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