Kelly Rowland, 39, Shows Off Her Baby Bump In Striped Dress At Photo Shoot – Pics

Pregnant Kelly Rowland was keeping comfortable ahead of a photo shoot, as she showed off her prominent baby bump in a chic dress while wearing cozy slippers on her feet.

Kelly Rowland just announced her second pregnancy on Oct. 7, and already she has a very sizeable baby bump. The  39-year-old singer was snapped while getting prepped for a photo shoot in Brentwood, CA. She seemed to be in great spirits, flashing a big smile while wearing a stylish black and white horizontal striped dress. Super fit Kelly is still trim on her sides, and her bump was just slightly visible from the front of the frock.

Once Kelly was snapped from the side though, her baby belly appeared far more prominent. While the dress was slightly fitted, it had plenty of stretch for her to move around comfortably. The “Crown” singer was still getting prepped for her shoot, as her long hair was pulled up and hidden underneath a grey styling towel. She carried a bottle of water for hydration on the warm L.A. afternoon, along with a designer bag.

Kelly kept her feet comfy in a pair of black slippers. With how feet swell during pregnancy, she likely stayed in the cozy footwear until the last possible minute at the shoot. It remains to be seen what magazine the photos will appear in, but Kelly already graced the cover of the Nov. 2020 issue of Women’s Health, where she revealed her pregnancy in a series of stunning pictures.

Kelly revealed to the magazine that she has a quarantine baby on the way with husband of six years, Tim Weatherspoon. “We had been talking about it loosely, and then COVID happened, and we were just like….let’s see what happens,” Kelly told the publication. It didn’t take long before she was with child, as Kelly revealed that she got pregnant “right away.” She and Tim are already parents to son Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, who turns six on Nov. 4.

Kelly was featured on the cover of Women’s Health in a white bikini with her bare bump taking center stage. In an alternate cover, she was seen posing in a profile position, while wearing a pleated copper colored gown that debuted her burgeoning baby bump.

The former Destiny’s Child member said that she had an “overwhelming sense of exhaustion” when she got pregnant, which kept her resting in bed for most of her first trimester. Now she looks a lot more energetic and active as she appears to be well into her second trimester. “I’m knocking at 40’s door in February. Taking care of myself means a lot to me,” Kelly told the magazine about doing yoga, walks and stretches during her pregnancy. She has not yet revealed when she is due or if she knows the sex of her baby.

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