Kevin Durant's Nets Debut Jersey For Sale, Hits Memorabilia Stock Market

Forget Bitcoin … Kevin Durant‘s Nets debut jersey could be the next hottest thing in the investment game — it just hit the memorabilia stock market, and it could net ya a small fortune down the road!

Here’s the deal … the threads KD rocked in his first-ever game as a Net on Dec. 22, 2020 just hit the investment app Otis, and fans can now purchase shares of the uni for $10 apiece.

Reps for the app tell TMZ Sports once all of the initial shares are sold … it’ll go up for trading, and the owners who bought in can hold onto the shares or sell them — just like a stock.

The current value of the jersey is estimated to be $47,600 … but experts say it could go up way higher in just a matter of weeks.

After all, Durant’s debut with the Nets was a special one … he put up 22 points in a victory over his former Warriors squad — and if he’s able to win a ring with Brooklyn this summer, the uniform’s worth could obviously skyrocket.

In fact, reps for Otis say it’s not uncommon to see a 150% to 400% increase on pieces like these.

Selling of initial shares on the jersey began Tuesday … happy trading!!!

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