Khloé Kardashian Is Obsessed With This Super Simple Trick for Younger Skin

Khloé Kardashian has the perfect beauty hack for an often overlooked part of the body — find out how she keeps her hands looking young. The fix is simple enough and it’s something she said she never misses out on it, especially since it takes just seconds.

Khloé Kardashian can’t go anywhere without this product

In a new interview with, Kardashian chatted about her new partnership with Dose & Co., who offer a line of collagen products, as well as offered some beauty tips she can’t live without.

Kardashian is a firm believer in using sunscreen, which isn’t an earth-shattering beauty suggestion — but she makes sure to apply it to her hands when she’s driving.

“I put sunscreen on my hands when I’m driving every time,” she explained. “You don’t realize your hands are exposed to the sun through your windshield. Your hands will age the fastest. You can’t really do a facelift for your hands or anything like that.”

She added, “So, take care of your hands. I’m a sunscreen junkie in the car more than anything.”

Kardashian claims her sunscreen obsession is keeping her hands looking young

This isn’t the first time Kardashian has mentioned the simple sunscreen trick. She sat down with Kylie Jenner in a 2019 video and was asked about her “best beauty secret.” She couldn’t stress enough the impact that sunscreen has had on keeping her hands from showing any signs of aging.

“I think people need to know this about you, like your hands, look like you’re 17 years old,” Jenner said to her sister in the video. “She has the best, youngest hands.”

Kardashian explained her easy hack, saying, “You and Kendall always say that, it’s so funny! Well I am obsessed with sunscreen, I have sunscreen in all of my cars because when you’re driving through your windshield, the sun is beaming on your hands.”

“Your hands and your neck tell your age,” she added.

Jenner clearly took her sister’s wise words to heart, as she revealed in a video called ‘What’s In My Bag’ that she loves to use sunscreen and always has it with her — even when she’s driving.

Kardashian leans on all of her sisters for beauty advice

The Good American co-founder shared with how she really looks to her sisters for beauty advice since they all have helpful input.

“[My sisters] are so inspiring for me. We always take tips and tricks,” she explained. “Kourtney loves skincare, but she loves very, very natural stuff. Which is great, but sometimes there’s a fine line too. She might like things that don’t work into my lifestyle.”

She continued, “Definitely with hair, I think Kylie knows [best].”

“But there’s definitely different sisters I go to for different things,” she noted. “We were just on a text chain talking about toothpaste and fluoride. And Kendall, because she has her toothpaste company, was giving us so much insight. I’m like, ‘Oh my God. Okay.’ It’s so funny when different sisters have different beauty obsessions.”

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