Madonna, 64, grabs her cleavage as she shows off figure in cowboy look

Madonna, 64, grabs her cleavage as she shows off ample assets in cowboy inspired outfit

Madonna showed off her ageless appearance in her latest string of racy Instagram snaps. The singer flaunted her ample assets as she grabbed onto her cleavage for the cowboy-inspired snaps.

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Madonna, 64, took to Instagram to share a string of racy snaps of herself dressed as a cowboy, showing off her ample assets.

The Like a Virgin hitmaker could be seen in one picture grabbing her cleavage, further accentuating her bust while keeping a straight face for the camera.

She paired the eye-popping patterned blue top with a pair of dark trousers and a cowboy hat.

Madonna’s hat featured a large M, covered in rhinestones, while she also shaded her face with pink sunglasses.

She captioned the pictures in view of her 18.6 million Instagram followers: “Even cowgirls get the blues.”

Madonna rocked the cowboy-inspired outfit

Madonna unveiled her inner cowgirl as she sported a cleavage-baring top, trousers and a cowboy hat. Madonna’s Wild West-inspired hat featured a large M on it, covered in rhinestones, showing off the custom element of her ensemble.

Madonna could not forget about accessories

Madonna made sure to accessorise the show-stopping number with layers of silver necklaces. She also sported large pink sunglasses shielding her face.

Madonna showed off her ageless appearance

Madonna looked younger than ever due to her flawless makeup finish, showing off her ageless complexion. She went for a peachy lip paired with a light layer of mascara.

Madonna is known for her proactive snaps

Madonna is not shy of putting on a revealing display on Instagram and showed off her ageless appearance. The singer stripped down and went topless earlier this week as she took to her Instagram story in just a corset.

Madonna struggled to cover her modesty

Madonna struggled to cover her modesty for the revealing Instagram snaps. She used two emojis over her assets, while her hands were placed on her head for the provocative snaps.

Madonna also used props in a recent Instagram photoshoot

Earlier this week, Madonna shared yet another collection of raunchy snaps, this time brandishing a horse whip while wearing a lace balaclava. In the captions across the pictures, the singer wrote: “Baby wants to ride. So high. For love. Now I lay myself down to sleep. I pray to the lord. My soul to keep.”

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