Monty Don laments treasured possession being destroyed at home after Adriatic Gardens airs

Monty Don says he went to a lot of 'private gardens' for new series

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Expert horticulturalist Monty Don, 66, returned to our screens tonight for his new three-part series, Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens. The presenter then revealed that one of his personal items had survived the trip home, only to be immediately ruined after he stepped through the door. 

Tonight, Monty treated viewers to a host of breathtaking views as he explored stunning Venetian gardens and uncovered some of the floating city’s hidden jewels. 

The gardening journalist revealed in the opening to the programme that they would be able to peer into private gardens in Corfu, view a grand new park in Athens, and even get a peak at an Adriatic garden that Monty had been helping to create. 

On his sun-soaked travels, one item that seemed to stay with Monty wherever he went was his straw hat. 

However, the BBC star revealed via social media that the reliable piece of headwear had since been completely destroyed, sharing a picture of the rim ripped from the top of the hat. 

Tweeting out to his 245,700 followers he wrote: “Thanks to all for kind comments about prog 1 of Adriatic Gardens. 

“For the record, my hat, which I bought in South Africa some years ago, was destroyed by Nellie within 5 minutes of getting home from Venice!”

Monty’s dog, Nellie the golden retriever, joined Gardeners’ World in 2016 and lives alongside the gardener’s other dog, named Patti.

Monty’s beloved golden retriever Nigel was also a familiar sight on viewers’ screens, but he sadly died back in 2020.

Under the post, Monty’s viewers shared their appreciation for his new show, which appeared to be a welcome ray of sunlight on a cold January evening. 

Seninegirl commented: “It’s really cheered me up. Even the vicarious sun has helped boost my mood. Armchair travel at its best.

“Absolutely wonderful programme – warm, mellow and verdant, perfect for a dreary January evening,” wrote Penny David.

Jane Dunnock added: “That was the loveliest programme I have watched in quite a while, thank you. 

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“I have always had such a fascination for the hidden gardens behind the walls in Venice and was amazed by how big and established some of them are.”

Sue McClelland wrote: “It was a lovely surprise this afternoon to learn I had your programme to look forward to. I wasn’t disappointed.   

“I was delighted by the sight of bright Summer sunshine and the utter delight of the beautiful Venetian gardens. It brightened a dull Irish Winter day.”

Scarlet commented: “Thank you so much Monty for this mesmerising and wonderful escape. I was transported back to Venice and your enthusiasm as always shines like a beacon.”

Meanwhile, other fans had some thoughts on Monty’s hat, including Informed_david, who wrote: “That’s a pity, Monty – it looked a great hat. I always think you dress very individually and appropriate to the climate.”

“Such a nice hat, but Nellie obviously thought she should have gone with you, a classic dog-protest!” Sweetnellydean suggested. 

“Maybe she thought the hat took you away? No more hat, no more Monty leaving!” added Corcaigh Dee.

“Glad I’m not the only person who wondered about the hat! Bless her, obviously pleased to see you! Have you managed to replace it yet?” asked Karen Blower.

Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens returns next Friday at 8pm on BBC Two.

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