Olivia Attwood slams trolls as she says it’s her choice to make her ‘mouth look like a swollen b***hole’

Olivia Attwood has had enough of online trolls who offer their opinion on her physical appearance.

The 28 year old took to her Instagram Stories to first share a direct message one of her 1.8 million fans sent her before launching into a rant.

In the screenshot, the fan told Olivia: "Please stop with the lip fillers. Ur not a duck. Ur so pretty already an U don't need them". [sic]

Clearly angry, Olivia responded saying: "Mind your own f*****g business!! And keep your opinions to your self !" [sic], to which the follower replied: "Real unclassy as always. Unfollowed. Thanks". [sic]

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The reality star, who recently enjoyed her and fiancé Bradley Dack's engagement party, then went on to talk about how angry she gets at receiving messages like this.

She said: "Not gonna sit here and pretend I'm someone who suffers with trolling because actually feel like compared to a lot of people I'm very lucky in that sense.

"But this s**t grinds my gears so f*****g bad. I must see these kinds of messages more than anything. And they're so good because there's always a backhanded compliment in there. [sic]

"And it's always, unfortunately, it's always a middle-aged woman. Hate to stereotype, but it always always is. Maybe the reason I don't get that much trolling is because I always message people back."

Olivia, who recently said she wasn't "surprised" at her ex Chris Hughes' NTAs fight, continued by addressing the trolls directly as she said: "You don't know what I need and also it's none of your f*****g business! [sic]

"If I want my mouth to look like a swollen b***hole that is my choice, don't tell me 'you're pretty, you don't need…' f**k off, get out of my DMs. That's it. You literally don't know what I need." [sic]

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The TV star went on to talk about the public's unhealthy need to judge other people on how they look.

She said: "We live in this climate where it's like everyone's so bothered about what everyone else is doing. I've never looked at someone, even someone who's screwed themselves up massively through surgery, if that's what they wanna look like, get on with it, it doesn't affect my day."

Olivia ended her lengthy speech by adding: "And just because you put a compliment at the end doesn't mean what you said in the beginning isn't rude and hurtful. Keep it moving, saddos."

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