Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan to Get Engaged? On Television?!?

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are not wasting any time, you guys.

The Bachelor and the suitor he kicked off his season of The Bachelor weeks before the finale are very much a romantic item these days.

And they’re happy to let everyone know it… in the most PDA-tastic way possible.

The couple only really went public with their relationship about a month ago, taunting all Bachelor Nation haters by singing a song together on Tik Tok.

“Nobody wants to see us together, but it don’t matter, no,” the pilot and the lawyer lipsynced in this polarizing video.

At the end of the new footage, they continued singing, “‘Cause I got you,” pointing to each other and making most viewers nauseous in the process.

Since this time, Peter and Kelley have only continued to remind all critics that they’re together … and happy … and everyone best learn how to deal with it.

Moreover, according to new reports and new musings from the stars themselves, everyone better soon learn to deal with just how serious this relationship has become.

In what way?

For starters, Peter is now on Cameo, which means you can pay $149 to have him say pretty much anything you want to a friend or family member.

During a recent video on this platform, the former ABC lead directed a message toward a real estate agent in the Chicago area… which, yes, is the city in which Flanagan resides.

In this footage, Weber admits that he has his eye on a specific property in the region and asks for more information from this realtor, who is representing the property.

Dude might as well have screamed “I’M MOVING TO CHICAGO TO BE CLOSE TO KELLEY!” online.

Moving cities to be near a significant other is a big deal, of courrse.

But Kelley has now gone ahead and made it sound as if an even bigger deal could be on the way for this couple: Marriage!

In response to new photos of Peter and Kelley wakeboarding (and kissing!), a fan wrote the following in Flanagan’s Comments section:

“I want an after after the final rose live with Chris Harrison cuz I feel like we’re still living your season lmao.”

Peter, of course, used his actual After the Final Rose ceremony to announce he had broken up with fiancee Hannah Ann Sluss and then asked out runner-up Madison Prewett…

… prior to breaking up with her 48 hours later as well.

Kelley, who was sent packing by Peter several weeks before this network special, was never given such a public stage on which to declare her love for Weber.

However, it “might be coming soon,” Kelley teased in response to the above user remark.

Just those few words have left Bachelor Nation buzzing.

Why would Kelley and Peter be given their own ABC episode unless they had an engagement announcement to make, you know?!?

This is just a guess on our part, of course.

But we do know that Flanagan has the blessing of Peter’s mother, and we also know that Peter and Kelley having been moving very fast these days.

They lived together for months during quarantine, too, which gave the pair a chance to really get to know each other and to sort of test out what it might be like if they were husband and wife.

Considering their social media feeds since?

They passed that test, it seems. Big time.

What’s interesting to note is that more Bachelor fans have come on board this romance since it became evident just how strongly Peter and Kelley felt about each other.

“@pilot_pete your chemistry with Kelley was obvious from the very beginning. Glad you all have found happiness,” wrote one fan late last week.

“@pilot_pete y’all are totally gonna break the internet with all this cuteness,” another person added.

So there you have it. Possibly, that is.

Would you bless a Peter and Kelley union at this point?

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