Prince Harry will feel snubbed by The Queen after she didnt mention him in speech, expert says

Prince Harry will “feel snubbed” a Royal expert reckons after not being mentioned in the Queen’s COP26 speech.

Appearing in a video message for the event on Monday, the monarch gave thanks to Prince William and Prince Charles – missing out the Duke of Sussex despite his matched conservation efforts.

"I imagine he could well feel snubbed," said Angela Levin, biographer of Prince Harry, adding that he “can’t have it both ways.”

The journalist followed the former royal around on his work duties for a year before he exited the UK and headed to LA with his family.

"I think he's very sensitive now about his family, and I think he's between a rock and a hard place, but he's on a one-way road,” Angela said.

"He was very close to his father and his brother, but is so rude about them now – and he may well feel that he's missing out.”

Prince Harry, like his brother, has advocated environmental preservations as much as possible and continues to promote eco-friendly causes over in the US.

It appears though, such recognition isn’t being held up in the same way by the monarch being that he is now so distant from his family.

"He's missed out on this climate change discussion, which he's trying to work for as well,” Angela pointed out.

"But you can't have it both ways. You can't be independent but part of it – I don't believe he's grasped that."

The biographer added that Prince Harry shouldn’t take his snub personally as the Queen did not mention other Royals Kate Middleton and Camilla.

"The Queen is succinct, articulate and says things from the heart,” Angela said.

"I couldn't see why Harry would be mentioned. He isn't a member of the Royal Family now. He's doing his own thing.

"I wouldn't think he should be included – he's stepped down from being a working royal.

"What he does is for himself and Meghan – he doesn't deserve to be mentioned."

The Queen conducted a pre-recorded message for the COP26 event after being instructed by doctors to stay at home and rest for two weeks.

The 95-year-old monarch spent a night in hospital and has since paused on her royal appointments, leaving grandson Harry anxious to visit her.

Unverified reports from US Weekly claim that the former royal was “checking in nonstop” with his grandmother and wanted her to meet his baby daughter, Lilibet.

“If he is that terrified then I'm sure he will come over,” Angela added.

"There aren't any restrictions to that anymore."

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