Princess Beatrice is on a ‘strict diet’ & taking barre classes ahead of her wedding

Princess Beatrice’s wedding is about three months away. Royal weddings are usually planned and organized in about four to five months, but I get the feeling that Beatrice was actually doing a lot of the planning before she even got to announce the date. She’s also preparing her body for the wedding, because UGH, I hate that engaged women go on a diet to “fit into the dress,” but here we are. Beatrice is on a diet and she’s doing a new workout:

Brides-to-be always worry about fitting into their wedding dress, but Princess Beatrice is taking absolutely no chances – our gym spies tell us that she’s signed up for classes that combine pilates, intensive workouts and ballet. With her wedding to Edo Mapelli Mozzi just a few months away, we hear that Bea, 31, is taking Paola’s Body Barre classes at a trendy Chelsea gym every day.

It’s just the latest stage in her pursuit of the perfect look for her big day. She has been on a strict diet and exercise regime for six months, including lots of green juice that looks just like pond water!

[From The Daily Mail]

It makes me sad that Beatrice is going to diet & exercise herself into oblivion for her wedding day. I’m sure Eugenie also tried to lose some weight before her wedding, but I loved how she really did look like the same person, you know? It wasn’t extreme at all – Eugenie just looked a bit trimmer, a bit fresher.

Also: Hello Magazine has a piece on which tiara Beatrice might wear for her wedding day, and they brought up the fact that no one has seen the York tiara since 2001 – Sarah Ferguson wore the York tiara on her wedding day and for many big, special occasions, but I bet the tiara is currently tucked away in the Royal Collection archives right now. They say another contender is the Queen Mother’s Strathmore Rose Tiara, which hasn’t been seen for decades. I’d say the York tiara might be a better bet?

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