Smash Mouth Rocker Slapped With Restraining Order After Accused of Abusing His Ex

Steve Harwell has been ordered by court to stay away from his former fiancee Esther Campbell after she accused him of being mentally abusive during their relationship.

AceShowbiz -Rocker Steve Harwell‘s ex-fiancee Esther Campbell has secured a restraining order against the star.

According to TMZ, Campbell filed papers asking a judge to keep Harwell away from her, amid claims he’s been verbally and mentally abusive towards her.

She claims the Smash Mouth frontman did a stint in rehab and seemed to be improving until early this year 2020, after which a series of alleged incidents occurred, which she’s blaming on his battle with substance abuse.

In the papers, she says he fell off the wagon and had to detox in February, but since he got out of rehab he allegedly stole her phone and destroyed it. Campbell also alleges he stole her car keys to leave her car windows open in the rain.

She goes on to describe him as “vindictive, angry, vile and mean,” and claims he’s not taking his medication for bipolar disorder – a condition he’s never discussed publicly.

The judge granted Campbell a temporary restraining order which requires the singer to stop contacting her and stay 200-yards away.

She previously claimed Harwell was harassing her with endless texts, calls, emails, and driving by her house and requested a restraining order last September – the same month they became engaged.

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