Snoop Dogg 'rakes in £5.3 million for starring in iconic Just Eat advert'

Snoop Dogg raked in an impressive £5.3 million after starring in the iconic Just Eat adverts.

The rapper won our hearts as he rapped about food for the delivery service and it’s no shock to hear he apparently raked it in.

The advert has Snoop Dogg complaining about how he’s tired of the song, before taking over and making it better.

A music source told The Sun: ‘Snoop has banked over £5million since he landed the deal.

‘It’s easy money and the adverts have proved a hit with audiences. Snoop is a legendary character so the negotiation took time and plenty of cash.’

Filmed in his own compound in Los Angeles, Snoop has upped the stakes of the service and we don’t think they can top this one.

The source added that it’s been Just Eat’s ‘most successful advert’, and it should be considering they got D O double G making everything better.

Snoop has appeared in many adverts over the years, including for Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Now we just need to see him in a GoCompare ad.

‘Snoop’s remix allows us to connect with a younger consumer demographic, while also providing a bit of fun for our existing customers and fans of the original track,’ said Susan O’Brien, global chief marketing officer at Just Eat.

‘We love that he’s taken something synonymous with the Just Eat brand and made it personal to him,’ she continued. 

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