Steve and Marjorie Harvey Wear Diamond Masks While Traveling Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Some fans, however, are hardly impressed by their stylish masks amid the massive outbreak with one commenting, ‘I’m tired of celebrities using these mask as fashion accessories.’

AceShowbiz -Everyone is worried amid Coronavirus threat that includes Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie Harvey. The TV host and wife made sure to equip themselves with everything they need to protect them for the virus, though it seemed like they still want to stand out.

Taking to her Instagram account on Friday, February 28, Marjorie shared a picture of them inside a plane. She could be seen covering up in a gray top and a blue mask that featured star-shaped diamond embellishment. She also had a gray eye-mask to help her sleep in the plane later.

Meanwhile, Steve, who was twinning in gray sweatshirt, were seen sitting next to her. He wore similar dazzling mask but his is in white. Additionally, Steve held a hand sanitizer to keep his hand clean as that’s one of the preventive actions in order not to get infected by the virus.

Fans, however, were not impressed by their stylish masks with one commenting, “Neither one of those masks are N95 or better. COVID-19 Virus particles would go right through that.” Echoing the sentiment, one person added, “I’m tired of celebrities using these mask as fashion accessories.”

“Now everybody turning this deadly virus into a Instagram challenge,” a user noted. Meanwhile, a commenter wanted to remind everyone that “the mask don’t stop you from getting sick….”

Taking a jab at Steve’s daughter Lori Harvey, who is currently dating rapper Future, someone wrote, “Y’all need to pass that sanitizer to miss Lori.” Meanwhile, some others were confused as to why Steve and Marjorie needed to wear masks when they were in a private “jet by themselves.”

However, not everyone was against the idea of having a stylish mask. “Fashion nova needs to stop playing and drop some masks,” a fan hoped.

Steve and Marjorie weren’t the only celebrities who took strong measures amid Coronavirus outbreak. Summer Walker shared on her account a picture of herself being covered up from head to toe during her most recent travel. She wore a hoodie, hair net, face mask, oversized sunglasses, and gloves in an airport.

The “Last Day of Summer” singer went a little extra with her self-protection by wearing a garbage bag as an outercoat. She was absolutely unrecognizable in her “armor.” Only the bridge of her nose was exposed. “Not today honey,” she quipped on her caption.

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