The Roller Derby Scene in ‘Birds of Prey’ With Margot Robbie Was Made Up Of Real Pros

Margot Robbie got to train with real roller derby pros for that roller derby scene in Birds of Prey.

In an bonus clip from the digital release of the film (via), skating technical advisor Rachel Rotten and Margot opened up about training with real pros and just how they filmed the fight scenes.

“In the New 52 comic, there’s a roller-derby fight-club situation,” Margot shared. “I love that comic book. I kept saying, ‘We have to have roller derby, we have to have roller derby.’”

She added that during her training with the pros, she “definitely underestimated how hard it would be, because I thought, ‘Oh, I’ve done I, Tonya, I’ve done a lot of ice skating — throw some wheels on and it’ll be the same thing.’ It definitely wasn’t as painful as ice skating, I have to say.”

Margot‘s skating double Renae Moneymaker stepped in for the fight scene on the track.

“Doing a fight scene is difficult in its own right, but then you put roller skates on your feet and it changes everything,” she shared of the scene, and added that “Margot is so good on the skates that anything short of those bigger double gags, she was able to do just fine.”

Birds of Prey is out on VOD now.

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