The wedge between Moriah and the Plaths is growing bigger

The biggest drama, if you could even call it that, on the debut season of Welcome to Plathville surrounded eldest son Ethan’s new wife, Olivia, whose lax attitude to her religion attracted the attention of the younger Plath children, much to their parents’ consternation. The super-strict Barry and Kim Plath worried their little ones (who weren’t actually so little anymore) were being led astray by the heathen Olivia with her Coca-Cola and candyfloss.

Although the Plath parents’ reaction felt outsize, particularly to those of us watching at home who think there’s nothing wrong with a bit of TV and Instagram now and then, there was no denying that young Micah and Moriah, in particular, began to find a certain level of independence thanks to Olivia’s encouragement, intentional or otherwise. With season 2, it seems the kids have taken an even bigger step to get out of their parents’ shadow.

Micah and Moriah have moved out of the family home

As reported by People, Welcome to Plathville returns to our screens on November 10th. Those who watched season 1 will be familiar with the Plath family homestead, which spreads across a sprawling, 55-acre Georgia farm on which everybody bar Ethan and Olivia and eldest daughter Hosanna, who lives out of state with her own husband, resides without technology or other modern temptations. However, the sophomore season will showcase a Plath family divided.

Ethan and Olivia aren’t allowed to hang out with the younger kids unsupervised, while Barry and Kim have moved to their “dream home” with the youngest members of the family, away from their beloved farm. The biggest change, however, is that Micah and Moriah are living on their own and pursuing their dreams of modeling and music respectively. They’re also both dating, much to their parents’ shock and horror.

Moriah is living up to her "rebel of the family" label

In a new teaser for the upcoming season, Moriah shares how she’s dating a guy who rides a motorcycle, which the teenager admits has always been a fantasy of hers. Moriah refuses to discuss the relationship with her parents, to which her mother reminds her simply that she’s still underage. Moriah has clearly found a new level of independence outside of the family home, working two jobs, and getting to experiment with how she looks without judgment.

Instagram followers will know she’s been dying her hair lately, while a recent cryptic message hinted at the difficulties Moriah had been having at home. “So many life changing events and personal growth has happened on the road to finding myself!” she wrote, in part to promote season 2. Nobody could judge the kid for wanting to branch out a bit, especially considering how much her world has been opened by the show.

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