Wanita ‘D Woods’ Woodgett says she was ‘miserable’ on ‘Making the Band’

Wanita “D Woods” Woodgett says she was “miserable” when she appeared on the iconic 2000s reality show “Making the Band” because she felt powerless, and because host Diddy’s mockery of her weight meant she had to discuss her figure with strangers for years.

“It was a hard part of my life,” she told Page Six, “It was not pleasant.” D Woods — who was part of girl band Danity Kane — says that before she signed up for the show she had a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, having interned with Spike Lee’s production company 40 Acres and a Mule and radio station Power 105.1, and having toured as a dancer with Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow.

But she said that the contract that she signed to join the show — in which musicians competed for a supposed deal with Diddy’s label — was stiflingly tight. “[I] knew so much about the industry but really [couldn’t] apply any of it,” she said, adding, “I had no leverage. Nobody cared.” She even said that her own lawyer told her she had “no negotiation power.”

Meanwhile, she told us that a particular scene with Diddy haunted her for years. In one episode, the rap mogul asked each female contestant to stand up, and said to D Woods, “Wanita, what your stomach looking like? For real, are you feeling a little thick? You’re, like, a burger away.”

“Do you know how long people would stop me on the street and say, ‘You must have lost a lot of weight,’ and I’ll be like, ‘No, I am actually the same size,” she told us. When we asked if she’ll be watching the new MTV reboot, she said, “Probably not.”

Woods will be starring in “Stuck With You” on UMC TV with A.J. Johnson.

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