8 Big Money Winners On Celebrity Jeopardy

Ever since Celebrity Jeopardy got aired in the 1990s, it became popular amongst fans. The winners won big every season.

October 26th, 1992, was the first time Celebrity Jeopardy aired on television. The host for this show was none other than Alex Trebek. Some notable contestants were Carol Burnett, Donna Mills, and Regis Philbin. The winner for this season was Carol Burnett, and the show ended up as a favorite amongst fans.

Here are some of the big money winners on Celebrity Jeopardy.

8 Cheech Marin

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Cheech Marin appeared in the ninth season. His contenders were Steven Weber and Alan Rachins.

Cheech is one of the many surprising winners on this show. The famous comedian is immensely proud to have made big money and fame out of this reality show. The other primary source of his fame is being part of the Cheech-Chong duo.

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According to Nicki Swift, Marin returned to the show in 2010 for the Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Tournament. He won against journalist Anderson Cooper and actress Aisha Tyler.

7 Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette could not use his magic skills to win in Celebrity Jeopardy. Nevertheless, he won against actor Zachary Quinto and designer Cynthia Rowley.

The illusionist won big in 2015 by using his exceptional entertainment skills. He is part of the famous Penn and Teller duo. Jillette also contributed his $50,000 to Opportunity Village.

6 Aisha Tyler

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Aisha Tyler became famous by hosting shows like The Talk for six seasons and appearing in the favorite sitcom Friends as a paleontologist. She is also a well-known voice artist.

The talented celebrity became the winner on Celebrity Jeopardy in 2009. She won against Tom Bergeron, the former host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Dancing with the Stars, and Weeds actor Elizabeth Perkins. It was in 2010 when she lost in the final round against Cheech Marin.

5 Wayne Brady

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Wayne Brady, a very talented singer, and comedian gained popularity through shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway? and the Wayne Brady Show. He was also the host of Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

Brady was a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy first in 2001, and it was only in 2003 that he became a winner by defeating Ashton Kutcher and Vivica A. Fox. After which, Wayne won around $23,000.

4 Neil Patrick Harris

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Neil Patrick Harris, or NPH, is best known for his role in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. However, Neil had his big breakthrough in Doogie Howser, M.D.

Harris won big on Celebrity Jeopardy in 2006 by taking down his contestants, namely actors Bebe Neuwirth and James Denton. He won a second time in 2010, and this time it was a more grand and effortless victory; he defeated basketball analyst Rebecca Lobo and actor Hill Harper.

In the final round, Neil was up against Cheech Marin and Jane Kaczmarek. He became the first runner-up and won an impressive $25000. The talented actor contributed this amount to a charity called Food on Foot.

3 Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers had been a Green Packers quarterback who appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy. He bested Mark Kelly, an astronaut, and Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank.

Rodgers won an impressive $50000 and another $8399 for himself, as stated by B-R. The charity he earned went to the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer. The other two contestants won about $10000 each to contribute to the charity of their choice.

2 Jane Kaczmarek

Jane Kaczmarek has always remained one of the favorite contestants on Celebrity Jeopardy. She is also known for having played Malcolm’s mother, Lois, in Malcolm in the Middle. The highly talented Jane got her degree from Yale and studied classical music at UCLA.

Kaczmarek won for the first time in 2006 against actor Doug Savant and MLB pitcher Curt Schilling. But in 2009, she participated again as part of the Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational, where she made it to the quarterfinals but was defeated by Cheech Marin in the semifinals.

1 Andy Richter

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Andy Richter’s primary source of income was Jeopardy. He first appeared in the year 1999 and was declared the winner. At this point, he held the third position in Celebrity Jeopardy and was looking forward to breaking the record.

His comeback was in 2009 when he competed against actor Dana Delaney and journalist Wolf Blitzer. He won big, up to about $68,000.

The contestants mentioned above have also been among the most unexpected winners. This is a part of the show’s charm, making it one of the popularly watched reality events on television. With its rising prevalence, the show has diversified in instances. For example, the Trebek version had a unique round called the Power Players Week dealing with journalism and politics, as stated by Fandom.

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