A maternity nurse knitted grasshopper hats for babies to celebrate the Leap Year, and they're adorable

  • Babies at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are wearing grasshopper hats to celebrate the 2020 Leap Year.
  • UPMC nurse Caitlin Pechin knitted the grasshopper hats for the babies. 
  • The babies and their families were also gifted the children's book "I Love You Like…," which is about a father grasshopper and his son.
  • This book was created by Scott Sutton, who died of cancer in 2018, for his 3-year-old son, Alec.
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Caitlin Pechin is a staff nurse on the mother-and-baby unit of UPMC Magee-Womens hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She started knitting in 2008, and has created outfits for babies on her unit, from Baby Yoda costumes to Pittsburgh Steelers uniforms.

Caitlin Pechin with a holiday hat she made for newborns.

Most recently, Pechin has used her talents to create grasshopper outfits for babies to wear as the Leap Day approaches.

"Not only is Caitlin a wonderful, professional registered nurse of mother baby unit, she's also a gifted crafter. So today, because a grasshopper hops and we're in a Leap Year, that's what she came up with," said Patty Genday, the chief nursing officer at UPMC, in a video shared by the hospital.

A baby gets ready for the Leap Day at UPMC hospital.

Pechin told Insider, "I absolutely love making things for our babies at Magee! Crocheting is something I've always enjoyed and I love making things for other people!

"It's a special experience to see the hats and outfits I make bring joy to our families and many others. As a nurse I get to help families during a special moment in their lives and it's extra fun to add something to make their experience even better."

The babies also wore shirts that read, "All You Hopped For."

A baby wearing an "All You Hopped For" shirt.

Pechin said each grasshopper hat took her about an hour and a half to make, but it "really didn't feel that long because it's something I really enjoy doing."

A baby's grasshopper hat at UPMC hospital.

To go with the grasshopper outfits, co-author Sarah Sutton gave out copies of a children's book written by her husband, Scott, to new parents and babies at the hospital. Her husband, who passed away from cancer in 2018, wrote the book, "I Love You Like…," for their son, Alec.

"Scott and Alec wrote the book about a daddy grasshopper telling his little hopper, a son, how much he loved him," Sutton said in video shared by the hospital. 

Sarah and her husband, Scott, with their son, Alec.

Sutton said her husband had started the book for his son "to have something to leave behind to tell our son how much he loved him."

Scott Sutton reading to his son.

Though her husband passed in 2018, Sutton is able to see him live on through the book.

"It's just pretty special to see that this book not only was a gift for our son, but it has really turned into a gift for a lot of people. And it just makes my heart really happy to know that Scott is still here with us," she said.

Alec Sutton dressed as a grasshopper.

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