A rescue puppy whose goofy smile went viral has found a forever home

  • Burreaux, a Labrador retriever mix, was found by local animal control and brought to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana.
  • The puppy went viral when the shelter shared photos of his toothy grin on its Facebook page.
  • Burreaux has since been adopted into a loving home and renamed Pappy.
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Talk about puppy love.

Burreaux, a Labrador retriever mix, was found by Caddo Animal Control in Louisiana at just 8 weeks old along with two siblings, Joe and O. The runt of the litter, Burreaux recovered from parvovirus and grew into a playful, active puppy. The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana then began searching for a family to adopt him and his siblings.

HSNL staff noticed that every time they talked to him, Burreaux's face would break out into a toothy grin. They posted a video of his goofy smile on Facebook to advertise that he was still up for adoption.

The video has been viewed over 346,000 times in two weeks.

Burreaux has even more reason to smile now.

"Burreaux has been adopted and [he is] in a loving home, but [his sister] O is still looking for her family," a representative of HSNL told Insider. His brother, Joe, has also found a forever home.

Hollie King, who adopted the smiley dog (now named Pappy), told Insider he's doing great. His hobbies include watching movies, going everywhere with his owners, and chomping on grass.

Pappy the puppy in his forever home.
Courtesy of Hollie King

"His smile is what drew is into adopting him," she said. "So far he hasn't smiled, not one time. I figured it's either he's still trying to get used to us or keeps getting distracted by everything. He really is the sweetest thing ever."

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