Amazon’s Best-Selling One-Piece Is Only $25 Right Now

The day before vacation you can always find me crying in a pile of clothing. Is that immature, bratty, and borderline ridiculous? Yes. But is that also how I cope with my inability to consolidate my closet for a simple week away? Also yes. 

The part that always brings me to tears isn’t the part where I have effectively dismantled my closet that I’ve spent hours organizing in a matter of minutes or when I realize I can never seem to find my favorite pair of jeans when I need them, but when I have to accept that my swimsuit selection is never vacation-ready. Living in New York, I feel that you never really think about bikinis or one-pieces until you really need to and then it’s already too late. The best time to buy a bathing suit is probably not the day before vacation but if it comes to that there is always Amazon Prime. 

Buying a swimsuit on Amazon sounds tricky, but it’s not when most of their best-selling suits have thousands of reviews. Actually, Amazon’s best-selling one-piece, which retails for $25 to $30, has over 5,000 five-star reviews. Almost all of them include the word “love” and a vast majority use the phrase “in love.” Truthfully, I see where they’re coming from and falling in love with ruched mesh has never been easier. 

Not only is the one-piece perfect if you need a swimsuit immediately (right now you can place an order and have it tomorrow) but it’s perfect if you just need a cute, reliable swimsuit period. The Tempt Me (saucy!) one-piece swimsuit comes in thirty seven colors and patterns. Want a simple black? It’s obviously got that. Want to channel Jennifer Lopez’s Versace palms? It’s got an option for that too. Best of all, every color is available up to a size 22 plus. 

The suit also has a high neck with a deep plunge and mesh detail. Listen, the name Tempt Me had to come from somewhere. This one-piece is sexy and it doesn’t care who knows! But the mesh detail helps prevent any possible wave-induced wardrobe malfunctions, which is a sexy detail in itself. Of course the swimsuit is bound to sell out soon, and now, right before spring is technically here but it’s still so close it’s all anyone can think about, is the best time to buy. That way it’ll be there right when you need it most. At the very least it’ll stop you crying in a pile of clothing. Or, wait, is that just me? 

Shop Amazon’s best-selling one-piece swimsuit below. 

Tempt Me One Piece Swimsuit 

Tempt Me One Piece Swimsuit High Neck Plunge

Shop now: $25–$30;

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