Antoni Porowski is sharing 'Quar Eye' cooking lessons for those self-isolating due to the coronavirus, starting with a 'Keep Calm-lette'

  • Antoni Porowski has launched a new Instagram TV series where he's sharing video recipes designed for people who are in quarantine due to the coronavirus.
  • The "Queer Eye" star has called his series "Quar Eye," and the first recipe is "The Keep Calm-lette."
  • His delicious-looking omelette is served with a black bean salsa "made with whatever was left at the grocery store."
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If you've been thinking to yourself that the comfort you need in these uncertain times is a video of Antoni Porowski making an omelette, then you're in luck.

"Queer Eye"'s culinary expert has launched a new Instagram TV series ingeniously titled "Quar Eye," where he will be sharing "Cooking Lessons in Quarantine."

Porowski's first recipe? "The Keep Calm-lette."

"An omelette made in isolation is still an omelette," Porowski wrote on Instagram. "Served with a black bean salsa made with whatever was left at the grocery store."

Porowski began the video by telling his 4.3 million followers that he was really craving huevos rancheros, but couldn't find the necessary ingredients due to people panic-buying amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I know that that's something everybody's experiencing," he said.

"We're stuck at home, but we might as well still be able to prepare good food, that's good for us, and that makes us feel good. We need things that make us feel good, even in pandemics like these."

His recipe, which makes 2 omelettes, calls for:

  • canned beans
  • red onion
  • fresh tomato
  • an avocado "because of course"
  • a lime
  • eggs
  • olive oil
  • butter

"What's nice is you have a regular salsa recipe but suddenly it turns into a whole meal becuase you're adding protein and fiber into a salsa," Porowski said.

In less than eight minutes, Porowski whipped up a delicious-looking, healthy, vegetarian meal.

Watch the full video to see how Porowski made his "Keep Calm-lette" here:

Porowski and the rest of the "Queer Eye" Fab Five are in Texas filming season six of the hit Netflix makeover show.

It's unclear whether the cast are actually quarantined or self-isolating, but judging by their Instagram posts and stories, they're at least social distancing and staying in as much as possible.

Grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, for example, posted a story last night showing two bowls of chilli and the message: "Made yesterday for dinner. Ate today as lunch. Last two bowls for neighbours. Helping to reduce waste and staying in."

"Queer Eye" design expert Bobby Berk has also posted urging his followers to start social distancing, and a subsequent video he posted suggested the group are no longer filming, but are staying in Texas.

Yesterday, it was reported that there are 69 cases of the coronavirus in Texas, where cities such as Dallas and Houston have shut all bars and made restaurants delivery-only, according to the Texas Tribune.

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