‘Benefits King’ wants veneers on NHS because ‘people without legs get new legs’

A 23-year-old who says his friends call him the “benefits King” has set up a crowdfunding page to raise money to get a full set of veneers.

Jack Johnson , from Nottingham, says that he currently claims £940 per month in Universal Credit and £549 per month in disability living allowance.

He said: “I suffer with mild depression and mild anxiety, that’s the reason I’m not working at the moment, but if am totally honest life is much easier and much better on benefits – my friends call me the benefits King.”

The young man, who left school with 14 qualifications and studied law for a further two years, now wants the public to help him pay for a full set of veneers.

He told the Daily Star: “I have set up a crowdfunding page because anyone, from all different walks of life, is entitled to crowd fund and it’s free money.

“Let’s be honest, I’m just relaxing each day and the money will go up – easy money and easy work to get my dream smile.”

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Jack, who’s life goal is to have enough surgery to look make him like David Beckham, believes that the procedure should be available to him on the NHS.

He commented: “Absolutely, cosmetic surgery should be available on the NHS.

“People with no arms or legs get new legs and arms on the NHS, so why can’t people get new lips or a new face on the NHS?”

The Nottingham lad says that he wants the veneers because he was bullied at school and his teeth were damaged when he was hit in the face.

He said: “I want veneers because when I was very young I got bullied at school and one time I got hit in the mouth and since then my teeth have always been cracked and chipped.

“But it’s not just that, I want veneers because David himself has veneers and after all I’m trying to look his double.”

On the Go Fund Me profile he wrote: “I’ve tried hundreds of times to get my teeth fixed on the NHS, but I just keep going round in circles so I'm pleading and begging for the British public, and friends and family, to chip in my go fund even if it's £1 any little bit will help.

“I am wanting a full set top and bottom veneers which is costing £3500 that's aftercare included and my flights included plus aftercare hotel included for the week I'm away in Turkey having veneers fitted!”

In 2016, Jack made headline news when he claimed to have spent £20,000 on cosmetic procedures to look like David Beckham despite claiming benefits.

Jack wants to go to a clinic called Comfort Zone in Turkey.

Jack said: “All the celebs get their work done there and they cost £3500.”

So far, the 23-year-old “benefits King” says that he has had botox, cheek, lip and jaw fillers, liposuctions, a nose job, chin implant and beard transplant.

He has also undergone brow, eyelid and neck lifts and has tanning injections.

Every month, Jack has a vampire facial – a procedure made famous by Kim Kardashian where blood is taken, separated from the plasma and applied to the face.

His dream procedure is to have four of his ribs removed.

Jack also spends thousands of pounds on clothes.

He said: “I only wear makeup now-and-then when I go out for a posh meal or a party.

“I spend thousands on clothes, my last purchase was a Louis Vuitton bag costing me £1600.”

The surgery-lover said that cosmetic surgery was “like a drug” and said he was definitely addicted to it.

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Jack also said that he is known for being “the guy who spend thousands to look like David Beckham” and receives hateful phone calls and once had his windows “put through”.

When asked if he would ever stop claiming benefits, Jack said: “I will always claim benefits I’m after all the 'benefit King”.

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