Billie Eilish Claps Back at Critics After Posing in Bathing Suit

Harmony Korine

Body shamers are the real bad guys.

While plenty of fans love Billie Eilish‘s signature style of baggy clothes and bright, colorful hair, the singer sometimes like to switch up her look.

Perhaps it was the case earlier this year when the Grammy winner enjoyed a vacation with friends. When she chose to document some of her favorite memories on Instagram, one photo was a shot of her head and shoulders in a bathing suit.

While many viewed it as a normal Instagram post, others were quick to comment on her body and swimsuit.

“It was trending,” she recalled to Dazed. “There were comments like, ‘I don’t like her any more because as soon as she turns 18 she’s a whore.’ Like, dude. I can’t win. I can-not win.”

In fact, Billie also recalled the time she was photographed wearing a tank top. “I saw comments like, ‘How dare she talk about not wanting to be sexualized and wear this?!'” she shared.

Ultimately, Billie is open to the fact that she hasn’t always loved her body. But over time, her self-image has begun to improve.

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“There was a point last year where I was naked and I didn’t recognize my body ‘cos I hadn’t seen it in a while,” she shared with the publication. “I would see it sometimes and be like, ‘Whose body is that?'”

Billie continued, “It’s not that I like (my body) now, I just think I’m a bit more OK with it.”

In her candid interview, the “Lovely” singer said she’s open to switching up her look. And before people speculate that there’s some deeper meaning, Billie says it will likely because she simply wants to wear what she wants to wear.

“If I wore a dress to something, I would be hated for it,” she shared. “People would be like, ‘You’ve changed, how dare you do what you’ve always rebelled against?’ I’m like, ‘I’m not rebelling against anything, really.’ I can’t stress it enough. I’m just wearing what I wanna wear.”

She added, “If there’s a day when I’m like, ‘You know what, I feel comfortable with my belly right now, and I wanna show my belly,’ I should be allowed to do that.”

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