Britains stingiest pub punters – and it’s bad news if you’re from the southwest

We’re all delighted that pubs are finally back open.

And to show our appreciation to all the boozers that have returned after lockdown eased, many of us have been tipping more than we usually would.

A survey from the UK’s leading hospitality app,, asked 2,000 Brits about their tipping habits.

And the poll revealed an estimated 23 million Brits are planning to start leaving bigger or more regular tips.

Almost half (44%) will start tipping, tip larger or tip more regularly post-lockdown, with those making a conscious effort to always tip citing their main reasons as wanting to: help hospitality staff earn more money (49%), keep the venue afloat (35%), and as “accidental savers” of lockdown pass on the extra cash to staff (20%).

This gratuity will be worth an estimated £16 billion in gratuities each year once pubs, bars and restaurants fully open from Monday 21st June.

The same can’t be said for everyone though – as the survey also exposed which British regions are stingiest.

Check out the best and worst tippers below…

  • London – £7.61 on an average pub trip
  • Birmingham – £6.80 on an average pub trip
  • Sheffield – £5.87 on an average pub trip
  • Belfast – £5.67 on an average pub trip
  • Edinburgh – £5.65 on an average pub trip
  • Glasgow – £5.55 on an average pub trip
  • Brighton – £5.48 on an average pub trip
  • Manchester – £5.47 on an average pub trip
  • Southampton – £5.35 on an average pub trip
  • Cardiff – £5.21 on an average pub trip
  • Norwich – £4.87 on an average pub trip
  • Liverpool – £4.86 on an average pub trip
  • Leeds – £4.83 on an average pub trip
  • Newcastle – £4.83 on an average pub trip
  • Bristol – £4.64 on an average pub trip
  • Nottingham – £4.60 on an average pub trip
  • Plymouth – £4.38 on an average pub trip

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Being able to tip via an app could help hospitality workers earn more, which is why OrderPay offers this service.

The company also plans to reward some of the nation’s top tippers over the coming months with in-app gifts and surprises.

Ben Davis, chef of The Drunken Dragon near Chelmsford, is a pub owner using this feature.

He said: “It’s been a dreadful 12 months or so for us, a business and wider industry.

“Hearing locals are set to dig deep into their pockets and show their considerate side by tipping staff more regularly would be welcomed with open arms here.

“One of our staff members, Rebecca, is desperately saving to own a home and hopefully, besides the extra hours we can now offer, extra tips could go a long way to achieving her dream sooner rather than later."

Another location using OrderPay’s new tipping feature is The Burrow at the Blues in Bedford.

Owner Matthew Dwyer said: “I am in total in favour of OrderPay’s new tipping feature which will encourage people to tip staff even more than they already do!

“Each staff member has their own ambitions; from one who is saving for University life in London on a film course to another doing his A-Levels whilst developing a revision app; so anything that shows appreciation for their hard work is welcome.”

OrderPay’s CEO Richard Carter, said: “It’s been a difficult year for the hospitality industry, but our research proves Brits are ready to generously support operators and staff to help the industry bounce back.

“The potential for the UK’s hospitality workers to take home an estimated extra £16billion in tips won’t supplement earnings lost in the last year, but it will make a huge difference to the warm and diligent staff welcoming us back to our favourite pubs, bars and restaurants after such a bleak year.”

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