BTS: RM Chose 'Intro: Persona' and 'Stay' for the 'Proof' Tracklist

On June 10, BTS will release an anthology album called Proof. The album will consist of three CDs, and the members of BTS selected the songs for the second Proof CD. In a recent “Proof of Inspiration” teaser, RM of BTS explained that he chose the songs “Intro: Persona” and “Stay” to be included on Proof.

RM wanted ‘Intro: Persona’ and ‘Stay’ on BTS’ upcoming album

On May 20, Big Hit Music shared a new “Proof of Inspiration” teaser on social media. Each “Proof of Inspiration” teaser features a BTS member explaining their thought process behind curating the Proof tracklist.

The “Proof of Inspiration” teaser from May 20 features RM of BTS. In the video, RM shares that he chose his solo song “Intro: Persona” and the sub-unit track “Stay” for Proof. “Stay” is performed by Jin, RM, and Jungkook.

In the “Proof of Inspiration” teaser, RM narrates:

“I thought that it would be great if ‘Intro: Persona’ and ‘Stay’ would go in our anthology album, Proof. ‘Intro: Persona’ starts with ‘Who am I!’ so I’ve been thinking about that a lot while we ran full speed ahead since our debut, and even now. I have many different personas: there’s Kim Namjoon as a human being, there’s Kim Namjoon who is a family member and friend, and then there’s RM who makes music. I have all these different ‘me’s, so sometimes it comes as a heavy burden, and at times I wonder who the real ‘me’ is. But in the end, I found that all of these personas that I’ve been shifting between are all me. And I think the members and our ARMY who ‘Stay’ed by my side no matter which of the ‘me’s I was are my Proof.”

All of the BTS members helped curate the ‘Proof’ tracklist

For Proof, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook each picked a solo song and a sub-unit track to be included on the second Proof CD.

The second CD for the anthology album will also include a new song called “Run BTS.”

Proof CD No. 2 tracklist:

BTS’ anthology album ‘Proof’ will include new songs

Proof is made up of three CDs, and each CD includes at least one new song. The first Proof CD includes a new song called “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” which will also be the anthology album’s lead single.

The second Proof CD has a new song called “Run BTS,” and the third CD includes two unreleased songs called “Young Love” and “Quotation Mark,” plus a new song called “For Youth.”

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