BTS: Suga Originally Thought He Would Not Have a Long Career With the Group

On March 24, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of BTS were guests on the talk show You Quiz on the Block. The band members were interviewed by Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho and shared details about their experience as trainees and global superstars.

In the interview, Suga revealed that he did not expect BTS to achieve the success they have since debuting in 2013. Suga also disclosed that he assumed he would be a full-time producer at this stage in his career.

Suga did not think he would have a long career with BTS

BTS debuted as a septet in 2013, and Suga first joined Big Hit Entertainment in 2010. Before becoming a member of BTS, Suga intended to become a producer.

Even after the K-pop group debuted, Suga figured he would become a full-time producer after a few years.

“When something you never wished for comes true, there’s a huge sense of pressure,” Suga said on You Quiz on the Block according to Soompi. “Idols don’t have long careers, so I thought that I would stop being an idol after achieving things like getting No. 1 on music shows and holding a solo concert.”

He continued, “After my career as a singer was over, I thought I’d become a producer. But suddenly we were off to America. I had no idea we would go to the Billboard Music Awards.”

Suga became overwhelmed by BTS’ success

As BTS’ fame grew, they were given the opportunity to perform at the 2017 American Music Awards. This became their first televised U.S. performance and skyrocketed them to fame even more.

On You Quiz on the Block, Suga shared that this experience was quite nerve-wracking.

“We went to these American awards shows and I was so scared. There were no senior artists we could ask about what to do. I was the most nervous during our first performance in the United States,” he said.

After BTS’ performance at the 2017 AMAs, Suga cried because he was so overwhelmed by the band’s sudden success.

“I went to the hotel and cried because this wasn’t what I had wanted, I hadn’t wanted such a high-pressure situation. I was really scared because I knew this was just the beginning,” he said according to Soompi. “Of course it was an honor and we were grateful, but I wondered if this was the right place for us and if we had really wanted to come this far.”

What the members hope for the band’s future

It seems the members of BTS gain new fans with every new song, album, or TV appearance. If one looks at the band’s trajectory, each year appears like a new peak for the group.

On You Quiz on the Block, the members acknowledged that their popularity will eventually decline.

“Nothing is forever,” J-Hope said. “There’s something Suga said in the past: instead of a sudden plunge, it would be preferable to end on a safe landing. I think that he’s right about that.”

Of course, given BTS’ current popularity and recent accomplishments, that “safe landing” is not currently in sight.

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