Career horoscope Libra: 2020 insights for Libra star sign

A horoscope is a forecast of a person’s future based on the positions of planets and stars at a certain time someone was born. Each star sign has different attributes including personality, career and love matches which creates a horoscope for that particular month or year. So what is Libras career looking like this year?


  • Libra personality traits: What are Libra star signs like?

The main personality trait of a Libra is known for being intelligent and kind.

It belongs to the Air part of the zodiac which gives these individuals constant mental stimuli, strong intellect and a keen mind.

The ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love and femininity.

The Libra’s spirit animal is a grey wolf. Similar to the Libra, gray wolves are loyal creatures.


Librans are very ambitious people and they can easily turn their dream job into a reality.

This is because this star sign is very intelligent and is good at handling money and balancing their job with their personal life.

The deep thinking trait of a Libra can often lead to a career in the arts or in literature according to website also says that a Libran appears confident to others, but the star sign often struggles with insecurities.

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Libra career horoscope for this year indicates that this star sign is going to achieve a new high in their career.

The presence of the moon in the tenth house is indicating to be a very good in the year’s horoscope, which will show new opportunities in your career.

Libra will work very hard this year to achieve their goals and this may result in new responsibilities but also new achievements.

This will overall increase your rank, status and maybe even salary in the workplace.


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2020 may result in thinking of a career change or new job but if Librans can grow in their current position then this will be all they need to be happy.

If Librans are interested in starting a business of their own then this is the year to do it.

But also they must learn to stand up for themselves. If they are not happy with something in their job or something is making them unhappy, then they must speak about it because this is the only way change will happen. says: “While Libra’s a master negotiator, he or she hates making anyone else feel bad or uncomfortable. That means swallowing hard truths or withholding constructive feedback from team members.”

However their greatest strength when it comes to their career is their imagination. This allows them to create amazing projects for them and their colleagues to work on to achieve great results. says: “Librans love dreaming up new projects to accomplish and challenges to meet.

“Libras are cooperative and diplomatic. Though well-liked and popular, they can be somewhat aloof.

“A peaceful and beautiful environment is important to them, and they work toward creating harmony. Libras aren’t temperamentally suited to jobs that are risky or messy.

“They prefer a career that allows them the opportunity to create and to bring opposing things into balance. They’re known for elegance, refinement, and diplomacy in the workplace.”

Suitable jobs for a Libra include psychologist, a job in hospitality, or a writer due to their imaginative and creative side.

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