Carol Vorderman admits Botox is the secret behind her age-defying looks at 60

Countdown legend Carol Vorderman, 60, has said the secret to her looking young at 60 is Botox.

And the TV star – the numbers brainbox on the Channel 4 show for 26 years – said everyone in showbiz is at it.

She revealed: “My secret is Botox, probably!

“But it’s not so much of a secret, is it? Everyone does it.

“Name me a person over the age of 50 on the telly that doesn’t do it?”

She added: “It’s quite funny you know, because when you talk about it to people in the industry they go, ‘Yeah, and then it’s like, and?’

“That’s one of the great gifts of life, isn’t it, just being enthusiastic – whatever it is that you’re doing, be enthusiastic about it.”

She also told the Ladies of Liverpool podcast that late Countdown host Richard Whitely threw a wobbler when she poked fun at his flamboyant blazers.

She said: “I said to him on air about his jackets and after the show he said, ‘How dare you say that!’ And he really went at me.

"I went, ‘Oh for goodness sake, I’m not going to stop – look at them!'

"And then he just started laughing."

Carol then said: "When he accepted that I could just burst his bubble, then everyone kind of loved him then, because he was laughing at himself really.

"And he loved that and it just kind of grew from there.”

Meanwhile, Carol stunned her fans as she shared a throwback snap of herself from Headingley Cricket Club in a skintight blue pencil dress, posing for the snap in front of the racecourse.

She then made a very cheeky confession about a dalliance she had in the 80s, captioning the picture: "I love Headingley. Last time I was here [in the 80s] I ended up snogging a policeman for a bet!"

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