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GUCCI is one of the most popular brands about at the moment, and their famous bee trainers are one of the most coveted fashion must-haves this season.

It's no secret that Gucci trainers are pricey, so we've looked into the most affordable options to save you a pretty penny or two.

If you're looking for a way to get your hands on a pair, and for a little less than usual then we have good news for you.

We've put together a list of the most affordable Gucci trainers, and some high street lookalikes that will have you instantly reaching for your purse.

Whilst it's great to shop around, it's worth noting that Gucci's website offers FREE delivery which might just tip the scales.

And for those whose budget doesn't quite stretch, a gucci belt is the cheapest way to buy into the brand, or alternatively, we've added a few replicas at the end of our list too.

1. Gucci Bee Trainers

Gucci's classic sneaker features a classic gold embroidered bee on green and red side detail, and a red and green snake detail on the back of each shoe.

If you want the real thing, these are the ones to go for.

At £450 they aren't exactly cheap, but you can save around a fiver on delivery by ordering from Gucci's official website.

  1. Women's Ace embroidered sneaker, £445, Gucci – buy here
  2. Men's Ace embroidered sneaker, £450, Gucci – buy here

2. Gucci Ace Sneakers

With their distinctive red and green stripes, these trainers are instantly recognisable as Gucci.

Whilst practically identical to the trainers above, minus the bee, you can save £20 per pair by opting for these instead.

They're available with blue and red stripes, or in black leather too.

  1. Women's New Ace Leather and Crocodile Trainers, £425, Gucci – buy here
  2. Men's Ace Webbing Leather Trainers, £430, Gucci – buy here

3. White Gucci Trainers

If you're after white Gucci trainers, these are the most affordable pair out there at the moment.

They're made from soft white leather and feature a minimalist interlocking G on the side of the shoe.

Simple yet classic, what's not to love?

  1. Women's Ace Sneaker with Interlocking G, £415, Selfridges – buy here
  2. Men's Ace Sneaker with Interlocking G, £415, Gucci – buy here

4. Black Gucci Trainers

Super sleek and better at hiding the dirt than their white counterparts, black Gucci trainers are not to be dismissed.

We've found a few pairs under £500 for men, but only one option for women – the infamous bee trainers in black.

However, a few of men's trainers go down to a size 4.5, so ladies, if you're a fan of any of the above they might just fit you too.

Men's black Gucci trainers:

  1. Men's GG Supreme Sneaker, £360, Gucci – buy here
  2. Men's Ace GG Supreme Sneaker, £425, Gucci – buy here
  3. Men's Ace Leather Sneaker, £425, Gucci – buy here
  4. Men's Ace Gucci Stripe Sneaker, £445, Gucci – buy here
  5. Men's Ace Embroidered Sneaker, £450, Gucci – buy here

Women's black Gucci trainers:

  1. Women's Ace embroidered sneaker, £445, Gucci – buy here

5. Kids Gucci Trainers

If you're looking for a pair of trainers for your little ones, these are instantly recognisable and stylish.

Gucci kids trainers are less expensive than the adult versions (thank goodness), and these are all under £250.

  1. Baby Ace Leather Sneaker, £140, Gucci – buy here
  2. Baby Icon Canvas and Leather Trainers, £130, Selfridges – buy here
  3. Children's Ace Leather Sneaker, £220, Gucci – buy here
  4. Children's Ace GG Supreme Sneaker, £200, Gucci – buy here
  5. Children's Ace Leather Sneaker Silver, £210, Gucci – buy here
  6. Children's Ace GG Hearts sneaker, £215, Gucci – buy here
  7. Children's Ace Sneaker with Gucci Stripe, £235, Gucci – buy here

High Street Gucci-inspired Trainers

The iconic red and green stripes have triggered an array of copycat designs across the high street, including Adidas and River Island.

You'll be seeing double with these trainers, but there's one big difference – the price.

These are the fucci trainers:

  1. Jayden White Bee Stripe Trainers, £25, Bella Boutique – buy here
  2. River Island Trainers With Wasp in White, £24, ASOS- buy here
  3. Stan Smith Originals, £74.95, Adidas – buy here
  4. White Stripe Side Lace-up Trainers, £32, River Island – buy here

If you're looking for the real thing but at a discounted price, it's worth checking out sites such as eBay for second-hand trainers.

However, we recommend you read up on how to spot counterfeit products before making any purchases.

How do you know if Gucci trainers are real?

First of all, we'd always recommend you purchase Gucci trainers from a trusted retailer, such as Gucci's own website or luxury retailers like Selfridges.

However, if you're looking to buy second-hand trainers, inspect the quality of the shoe thoroughly and check the lining for a serial number before making the purchase.

Authentic Gucci trainers will have an eight-digit number imprinted on the heel of the lining.

If the trainers are missing this number or you're unsure about the authenticity do not hand over any money.

And remember that if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

How much are Gucci sneakers?

Currently, the cheapest pair of women's Gucci trainers cost £415 and the most expensive cost more than £1000.

Men's Gucci trainers currently range between £360 and £705, and children's cost between £140 and £435.

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