Christina Aguilera Has Big News for Mulan Fans

Back when she was just 17 years old, before she was a genie in a bottle even, Christina Aguilera sang the song "Reflection" from Disney's animated Mulan. It's a karaoke classic, a Disney standard, and it's about to get an update. According to Entertainment Weekly, Aguilera told the audience at her Las Vegas residency, Xperience, to expect a new version of the song when the movie hits theaters next month.

Christina Aguilera amfAR Gala Los Angeles - Red Carpet

"The live-action Mulan is coming out by the way," she said. "You have to go see it. I recorded a new 'Reflection' and new material for the movie. I've been working on that, but this is the original." 

Last year at Disney's D23 Expo, Aguilera offered a surprise performance of "Reflection" before she was honored as a Disney Legend. 

"This is way cooler than a Grammy, I just have to say!" Aguilera said at the convention. "Thank you, Bob Iger. This is tremendous. You don’t understand. I may be the ultimate Disney fan. I don’t know. I know it’s high competition in this room. Oh my God," she said. "I have a speech but I want to throw it out because my God. Thank you so much for this amazing honor. I love this. This is so special, I'm like shaking … I’ve been holding back tears all day."

While past reports stated that the new Mulan would not incorporate the music from the animated original, Aguilera's announcement is sure to be music to fans' ears and the fact that new music from Xtina is also connected to the film makes it that much better. EW confirmed that this is the first news of Aguilera's involvement in the film.

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