Convenience Store King Harry Styles Shops at Wawa, the Best Convenience Store

A church is more than brick and mortar, wood and nails, pews and pulpits. It’s a place of fellowship, communion. If it burns to cinders, it doesn’t cease to exist. Instead, it lives on in the faith-filled hearts of the congregation. For the lucky denizens of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Washington, D.C., there’s a church every couple miles for as far as the eye can see. It’s called Wawa and it is good.

Don’t let the masses, easily led astray, fool you. Yes, there are 7-Elevens, QuickCheks, QuickStops, Sheetz, and (shudders) bodegas, but all pale in comparison to the supreme glory of Wawa. It’s a magical place where one can obtain a soft pretzel, serviceable sub, and gas in under five minutes. Man of the people Harry Styles understands this. That’s why the pop star was seen shopping at a Wawa on Pulaski Highway in Bear, Delaware, this Tuesday.

“I started freaking out and crying because he’s my idol,” Wawa Customer Service Associate, Natali Maldonado told ABC 6 Action News. “He even gave this lady who didn’t even know who he was an autograph.” According to Maldonado, Styles arrived at the Wawa around 4:30 pm. In one of the photos from the excursion, Styles can be seen licking his lips, but at this time, it’s unclear what the Fine Line singer found so delectable.

Rolling Stone reached out to Harry’s representatives to confirm what snacks he purchased at the Pulaski Highway Wawa. We will update this post once we receive more information.

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