Cyprus to end quarantine restrictions for Brits from August 1

CYPRUS will end the quarantine restrictions for Brits from next month, the country's health minister has announced.

It follows the UK's own list of 'air bridges' which end the quarantine restriction in the country as well as lower the travel restrictions currently advising against non-essential travel.

From July 4, Brits have been allowed to travel to Cyprus, according to the Foreign Office advice, while the UK will lift its own two-week isolation period when returning from Cyprus from July 10.

It follows the controversial air bridge plan which included 75 countries – but only 25 of them are currently letting Brits in.

While the UK is lowering its own restrictions, many safety measures remain in place in countries abroad.

Cyprus' tourism minister Savvas Perdios previously suggested Brits could be back as soon as July 15.

Speaking exclusively to Sun Online Travel, he said: "The UK is our biggest market, it’s massively important to us, and the situation there is improving all the time."

The island, which welcomes around 1.3 million Brits every year, has also promised to pay all expenses if visitors contract coronavirus while they are on holiday.

Yet this could still change depending on the coronavirus levels in the UK, according to Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou.

Mr Ioannou confirmed that that the UK, along with 14 other countries such as France, Spain and Italy, will be able to enter Cyprus without quarantining.

"The decision will be implemented on the condition that the United Kingdom continues to post the same positive epidemiological results," he said, according to local media.

Instead, travellers will need to have a health certificate proving they do not have coronavirus from three days before flying.

This could still cause confusion for Brits with the UK not currently offering official documents to prove they are coronavirus free.

Some private practices are offering the documents for a fee, with some costing hundreds of pounds.

Experts in Cyprus have also warned that Brits returning to the country could be hindered if there are more regional lockdowns, following Leicester.

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