Dad of triplets comes up with genius hack for washing baby bottles

Father of triplets wows fellow parents with genius hack for washing out baby bottles – using a DRILL that has a brush attached to the end of it – as he insists the trick ‘works beautifully’

  • Aerol Peterson, 32, from Lincoln, Nebraska, revealed his clever trick in a Facebook video shared by his wife Christy 
  • She revealed in her post that she arrived home from grocery shopping to find her husband at the sink washing their babies’ bottles with a drill 
  • In the video, which was originally posted on January 7, he jokes that the trick is ‘smarter, not harder’ 
  • The couple welcomed their three children in June 2019 and revealed earlier this year that they have to feed them seven times a day – every three hours 
  • This feeding schedule results in a staggering 21 bottles every day 

A father of triplets has come up with a genius hack for cleaning out baby bottles quickly and efficiently after growing tired with the amount of time he and his wife spent doing the dishes every day. 

Aerol Peterson, from Lincoln, Nebraska, was caught on camera by his wife Christy using a power drill with a scrubbing brush attached to it to wash out their children’s baby bottles. 

In the clip, the 32-year-old father-of-three can be seen dipping the soapy scrubbing brush into each bottle and turning the drill on so that the bristles spin around inside the plastic, cleaning it out quickly and easily. 

Clever! Father-of-triplets Aerol Peterson came up with a genius hack for washing out his babies’ bottles, using a drill with a scrubbing brush attached to it  

Speedy! The 32-year-old was caught on camera putting his hack to the test by his wife Christy, who then posted the clip to Facebook where it went viral 

Solution: Aerol revealed that he and his wife use 21 bottles a day to feed all three of their children, and he was growing tired with the amount of time they were spending cleaning them

Posting the video on Facebook, Christy wrote that she ‘came home from grocery shopping to find’ Aerol at the sink washing out their baby bottles in his own unconventional way – with the dad revealing in the clip that his trick ‘works beautifully’. 

‘Smarter, not harder, bro,’ he then tells his wife. 

The clip, which was originally posted in January but has since gone viral again after being shared across multiple other social media sites, has been viewed by millions since it was first put online – while racking up more than 110,000 comments from impressed viewers. 

Many people tagged their friends and urged them to give the trick a go, while others praised Aerol on his creativity. 

‘This is so smart!’ one person wrote, while another added: ‘OMG I have to try this out.’ 

‘Freaking awesome!’ a third Facebook user chimed in. 

Another person pointed out that the hack can also be put to use with other things, noting that those without children could also use a drill to wash out their glasses and bottles.  

Speaking about the viral interest in his video, Aerol revealed to 1011Now that he had grown tired of the time it was taking to wash out the dozens of bottles that he and Christy were using every day in order to feed their three babies. 

‘We feed them seven times a day, every three hours, so 21 bottles,’ he explained.

‘After doing dishes for so long, I got tired of doing one after another by hand, so I thought, “You know what, I wonder if this will fit in the drill.” So I put it in the chuck, and it worked.’ 

As for his wife, she said that, while she was surprised by her husband’s quirky bottle-washing trick, she wasn’t at all stunned to see that he had tried something out of the ordinary, telling the local news outlet that he ‘does crazy stuff like that all the time’. 

‘It’s never a dull moment with him, so when I got home I thought it was very comical. I wanted to record him, something to show the kiddos later just for fun,’ she said. 

The couple welcomed their babies, Natashia, Arya and Trae, in June 2019, and Aerol said that, while having three children has resulted in a lot of bottle washing, feeding, and diaper changing, they both grew quickly accustomed to their new normal. 

‘We don’t really know any different,’ Aerol, who says that twins run in his family, explained. ‘THis is our normal and we just do it and we do it well.’  

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