Dani Dyer fans convinced she let baby’s gender slip as she speaks out

Former Love Island winner Dani Dyer, led fans to believe she'd accidentally unveiled the sex of her unborn child.

After a slip of the tongue during an online video, followers were left convinced that the reality bombshell would give birth to a baby boy this winter.

Hitting out at rumours, the 24-year-old, who is expecting her first child with partner Sammy Kimmence, took to her official platform to denounce that she had let the cat out of the bag.

Addressing the serendipitous gender reveal, Dani, who is the daughter of EastEnders star Danny Dyer, fumed that her 3.3million followers "notice everything" before telling rejoicing fans there had been a misunderstanding.

The TV starlet moaned: I've has so many DMs saying I said 'he' on the pom-pom hat.

"I honestly have no idea what I'm having, sometimes he or she just comes out.

"Any other pregnant mummy's do this?

"Trust me if I knew what I was having you all would know…so cheeky you notice everything. Goodnight everyone."

The snippet that left eagle-eyed fans insistent she was definitely expecting a baby boy showcased the daughter of Eastenders star Danny Dyer, rummaging through baby clothes she'd been sent.

Stumbling across an adorable bobble hat she enthusiastically chimed: "Look at the little pom pom hat, oh my god that is so cute!

"And obviously because he's going to be coming here when it's cold it'll be really nice and snuggly."

Dani Dyer has hit back at fans who claim that she has accidentally revealed that she is having a baby boy.

Another instance on social media recently also led fans to believe they'd solved the gender saga after Dani had showcased a sweet light blue baby grow.

Trying to throw fans off of the scent, she quickly added: "Even if I have a girl I can dress it in this, it has a little bow detail."

Dani announced last month that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence, sharing an adorable picture holding up an ultrasound scan picture.

Soon after her pregnancy was confirmed Dani told fans she had no desire to uncover the sex of her baby

At the time she penned: "I'm not finding out what I'm having so ordered the white."

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