Deaf cat with different coloured eyes is looking for her forever home

Meet Penny, a cat with one blue eye and one green.

She’s quite clearly made for a life as an Instagram star thanks to her snowy fur, her little pink nose, and her different coloured eyes.

But for now, Penny just wants to find a forever home.

Penny came into the RSPCA Bridlington, Driffield, and District branch in January after her elderly owner could no longer care for her.

She struggled to adapt to cattery life as she so dearly missed her owner.

Staff at the centre believe Penny is deaf, as many white cats are, and that she was either born without her hearing or it degenerated after birth.

Inherited deafness in cats is seen almost exclusively in white cats. Research has shown there is a link between blue eyes and deafness in white cats too so if a cat, like Penny, has one blue eye she is twice as likely to be deaf than a white cat with two non-blue eyes.

Five-year-old Penny is looking for an adult-only home and would like to be the only pet. She would benefit from an indoor home or a home with access to a safe, enclosed garden.

Hannah Hurt, animal care assistant at RSPCA Bridlington and Driffield branch, said: ‘Penny is a really sweet cat who loves fuss.

‘It took her a little bit of time as she was pining for her owner for quite a while which meant she was stressed and upset in the cattery.

‘However, she has started to soften and loves affection and fuss from her favourite people!

‘We believe Penny, or Princess Penny as we call her, may also be deaf. We’ve carried out sound tests to check whether she responds to noises and sometimes she does respond but it could be that she is reacting to the vibrations of the sounds, especially if she was born deaf.

‘We really want to see Princess Penny in a loving home with an owner who is patient and understanding as she has been through such a tough and turbulent time recently and we’d just love to see her find the forever home she deserves.’

If you think you can give Penny a loving home, contact the RSPCA Bridlington, Driffield and District branch by calling 07712 459857.

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