Even Harry Styles's Piano Is Crying In Water-Filled 'Falling' Video

While watching Harry Styles’s new video for “Falling,” you’ll want to pat his back and assure him that everything’s going to be OK. To do so, though, you’ll need some scuba gear and to know how to swim.

In the emotional new clip for the equally emotional song, Styles gets ahold of an old piano and performs the tune and even manages to make the piano weep for his situation. Pretty soon, the gentle cry turns into a full-blown torrential downpour of heartbreak.

When “Falling” starts, Styles is definitely in the dumps. As the song paints it, Styles’s “wandering hands” have led to a lonely bed, and there’s nothing that he can do about it. With a frown etched on his face and a seriously somber mood, he begins to play a piano that sits in front of him. It turns out that his instrument has feelings too, and the more he plays, the more water pours from its insides. Eventually, it fills the room, and Styles continues to sing while completely underwater.

It’s a gripping and hypnotizing scene, seeing Styles mouth the words as his hair floats in the stillness. But regardless of the danger, it’s clear that Styles has to get these feelings out through this song. You’re forgiven if you shed a tear, or seven, to this touching scene.

“Falling” appears on Styles’s latest album, Fine Line, that dropped in December. The singer recently announced that he’ll be taking over Madison Square Garden on October 30 and 31 for “Harryween.”

Check out Styles’s super wet video for “Falling” up above.

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