Exercise class uses individual plastic bubbles so people can work out

We’re all getting more used to the new normal and we’re all expecting to see screens, masks and gloves everywhere to protect us as things reopen following the coronavirus lockdown.

Yesterday, PureGym revealed what working out will be like at their gyms.

But elsewhere, people are taking safety during exercise even more seriously.

A pop-up yoga studio has created individual domes in an open space outside a hotel in Toronto, Canada.

LMNTS Outdoor Studio set up 50 of the domes at Hotel X in the city, each one measuring seven feet wide and 12 feet tall.

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Yoga fans can follow the moves demonstrated by an instructor on a raised podium, who can provide instructions through an audio system.

Each person will have their temperature checked and asked if they have any symptoms before the class and each dome is cleaned and sanitised before someone else uses it.

Everyone also has to sign up in advance and show photo ID to enter to ensure that they are able to track and trace everyone there if anyone does develop symptoms.

Participants have to bring their own mat, water bottle and towel but they can buy them there if they forget – it costs extra and they must take them away at the end of the class.

Of course, most yogis are more used to virtual classes by now but the solution gives you a little more space to stretch out than your living room as there is over 110 square feet of space inside each one.

Classes are sold in blocks of three, five, seven or 20, with prices starting at $24 per class (£14).

The only catch is that it gets pretty warm in there as the domes create a greenhouse effect. Participants are advised to bring lots of water and each one has a fan to help.

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